Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick recap

I totally wasn't going to do my Idol post this week. I'm leaving for Moab this afternoon, and I do not have time to be posting. But after what Carrie wrote in my comments about David Cook, I couldn't resisit posting. Last night was so much better than the week before.

David Cook was actually the last to perform, and he sang Billie Jean the old Michael Jackson 80s hit. Although it sounded nothing like the original - it was really good - kind of an emo/rock ballad. Loved it! He's in a league of his own. And I do think he's such a little hottie. He reminds me so much of Chris Daughtry, but (dare I say) even better. And much like CD, I hope David doesn't win AI. He'd do much better with his own album instead of the cheese the winner has to record. He'd make a much better indie rock-type album.

Here's my take on the rest of the group:

Ramielle - snooze. I think she may be in trouble.

Jason Castro - I still like this guy, although he's starting to remind me of Jack Johnson - it all sounds too much alike. I could listen to one or two songs, but never an entire album.

Syesha - I know the judges liked her, but I just thought she was "a'right". Not my favorite style of music at all.

Chikezie - vocally he sounded good, but I don't "get" that genre of music. Not my style at all.

Brooke White - I really like her when she sits at the piano to sing - she's so pure. I'd buy her album

Michael Johns - Loved him tonight. He's proven that Queen songs work for him. I'm glad he got a chance to shine - and I got another chance to swoon. he he

David A - I think he peaked too early in the competition. He was already a seasoned performer, so he stood out at the beginning. But now as the other contestents are improving, he's not. I no longer think he'll win - unless he really steps up his game.

Carly - UGH. Does anyone in the world actually like that song? Horrid! i'm sorry, but she has got. to. go. period.

Kristy - I'm such a cheese-ball, because I love that song. And she did really well.

ANd of course David, who I cannot help but mention again. I want to buy his album. Now. (or at least download it from iTunes)


Tiburon said...

David C did great last night. Loved Billie Jean. David A needs his dad to back off of him or he is going to lose this thing. I have read a bunch of stories about what a "stage dad" he is - screaming at David and controlling his every move and choice. I think that is what Simon was getting at when he said that he was pretty sure David didn't choose that song. His dad needs to chill out! I think Ramiele is going home tonight - she deserves to!

Julia said...

Darn that David C. I still can't look at him when he sings, but if I listen to him, I liked last night a lot. He was the best. Simon said, brilliant song choice. No way America is going to send her home after such a patriotic song. And she sounded WAY better.

The rest...blah. I was bored by most of them. Still like Brook White though. I don't know why, but this week was just boring. Of course I watched it really late and was tired too...

carrie said...

I still love Jason Castro...but he does need to pick a really good song to stand out. I love love love Jack Johnson, but I agree with you.... All of his stuff sounds the same. I love that Curious George CD though!! His music is just fun , I think.
I liked Michael Johns, too. I totally agree with what you wrote about him. I think he's just cool.
I actually like Carly... Maybe I'm weird!! ha ha I think she has a good voice, but sings strange songs. She reminds me of someone, and I can't place it.... She's not one of my favorites though.
I love David A.....but last night was just boring for me. I was laughing at what Simon said, 'cause I thought it was true.
I still don't like Kristy.... I know, I'm mean. I just think she's boring...... I was even bored by Brooke last night, and I absolutely LOVE her. She is so good on the piano....and I would buy her CD, too.
David was the best last night....and I've become a fan of his in the past few weeks. I think you said it perfectly.... He needs to "not win", so he can do a normal CD. ha ha
Sorry for the super long comment, but I was just so excited to see an American Idol post on here!! Hope you have fun in Moab!! :o)

Heather Keele said...

Thanks for the recap - I missed both nights of American Idol. And you're right - no one likes "A Total Eclipse of the Heart". Carly's got to go. So does Kristy.

Savage Family said...

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Gareth said...

I love that you are obsessed with AI. We watch too but only in DVR fashion. I can’t stand watching the entire performance. ADD kicks in and I want to slit my wrists listening to half of the performers. My one criticism of your post….Jason Castro. PLEASE don’t compare him to JJ. What an insult to JJ. Castro sucks. His voice is weak and he is such a pothead cheese ball. I want to shave his nappy dreads and smash the guitar over his head :) Other than that, spot on review.