Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 in Pictures

In the past 2 weeks, my family has been to the doctor 5 times: we've had 3 cases of influenza, 2 strep throats, and one badly broken ankle. (before you feel sorry for me, know that I've lost 6 pounds in the month of December. Normally, I would probably have gained 6, so I am counting that as a net loss of 12 pounds. Spending a week on my death bed does have its benefit) Needless to say, I'm a little behind in my Christmas preparation. So, once again, I'm doing an electronic Christmas card, combined with my "Year in Pictures" blog post. So, without further ado . . .

In what is fast becoming our New Year's tradition, we spent the day sledding. Only this year, I did not allow my child to hurl head-first into a tree, so thankfully we did not spend the afternoon in the ER. This is one of my favorite pics of G - I'm not sure why. It isn't "that" good of a picture - I think maybe I just like the hat.
Bryn turned 4. I still cannot believe that my baby is so big - and so bright, loving, and kind - and she loves LIFE. She is an artist, a dancer, and the most giving person I've ever met. I love her so much.

Not much happened in March. It was kind of a non-eventful month. The girls continued to work on me to get a dog - they REALLY want one. And I was almost convinced with this little girl. She was a sweet puppy and loved Bryn. But, then I reminded myself that I'm NOT a dog person. . . my poor kids.

We spent a week in California. I convinced the family to spend 2 days at the beach to make up for spending the rest of the time at Disneyland. Grace turned 6 while we were there, and got to have her birthday in Disney. She got to choose the entire morning of her birthday, and she rode California Screamin' nine times in a row. I think she would have gone more times, but neither Mommy or Daddy could take it anymore. She is such a fearless girl - and so big and smart. She is such a good reader, and can read a big kid "chapter book" in just a couple of days. She's also started in precompetition level gymnastics and dance every day after school, which makes for a busy life.

In May, we spent a few days with our fun friends at their cabin in Central Utah. The kids got their first time on the 4-wheelers, and Bryn still talks about it. In fact, she asked for her own pink 4-wheeler for Christmas.

I can't pick just one picture for June - it was a busy month. My sweet, beautiful Bryn had her first dance recital - after which, she informed me that she belongs on stage. And, really, she is a natural. She's such an artist and a performer. (and of course, every parent thinks their kid is the best, but she really is)
The girls also got to finally run their first race - they've been there to support mommy countless times, and it was their time to shine. This was no wimpy kids race either - it was a mile run, which is quite a distance when you're 6 and 4. And, coincidentally, G came in 4th and Bryn came in 6th.
June also meant that my flowers were in full bloom. I love flowers - my garden looks a bit unkempt, because I have to plant one of everything. I think the lilies were my favorite this year - especially the orange ones.
The girls started soccer in July. Grace, in her last year of co-ed soccer, and Bryn in her first year. Grace doesn't love it - I don't think she'll play again. But Bryn really likes it - she scored in every single game.
We spent lots of time in the mountains in August. The girls love to hike. Grace even accompanied mom and dad on a 6 mile (round trip) hike to Lake Catherine, which is a difficult hike for an adult. This particular picture was taken on a much shorter hike to Cecret Lake. I just love this picture - it is SO Bryn.
In September, I got the opportunity to participate in the Red Rock Relay - a 12-person, self-supported relay in Southern Utah. Its a 186-mile race - and yes, it was fun! In fact, it was one of the best weekends of my life. I've already signed up to run another relay in 2011.
Another busy month, with all the Halloween activities. I chose this picture because it shows what good friends and sisters my girls are. They do have the sweetest friendship.
I can hardly believe that I only have 5 pictures on my computer from November - and they are all terrible pictures. This one is embarassingly bad - but I feel like I had to post something. Ben and I both look terrible here, but at least its a picture of us together (and Grace took it, which makes it kind of fun).
I couldn't pick just one December shot either. I just love both of these pictures of my sweet girls, taken in Daybreak, when they tagged along on a photo shoot I did for my sister and her husband.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm not an artsy/crafty person, except during the holidays. Once December hits, I break it all out - trying to make up for a year of being boring. My kids love crafts, so I try to make them part of our holiday traditions. It starts with the trimming of the tree (my least favorite):
After the ornaments are on, we always paint something new.
I also made the girls hair bows. I did them late at night, and I"m sure next time I attempt them, they'd be much cuter. But, here's the finished products:
This year we also went crazy making magnets to give as gifts to teachers, friends, etc. A little scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, and glass globs.

We still have the annual gingerbread house and christmas cookies to make. Photos are forthcoming.