Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do I at least get an A for effort?

Today was Day 1 of my [url=]couch to 5k running plan[/url]. I know its not the most ambitious running plan, and honestly the first few weeks will be easy. But I've started and stopped my exercise program too many times to count. So, I'm thinking that maybe if I start off a bit slow this time I'll stick with it better.

I set my alarm for 4:45 so I'd have enough time to make it to the clubhouse for a 30 minute workout, and then still have time to get ready for work. I even slept in my workout clothes (good thing they're comfortable) so that I'd have no excuses. Actually Bryn woke herself up coughing at 4:30, so after I got her back to sleep I just put on my running shoes and headed outside. I was surprised to see that it had snowed - but I was undeterred. The walk to the clubhouse is a short one, and I'd be on the treadmill inside. But, as I hit the end of the driveway and rounded the corner onto the sidewalk I slipped on the ice. Down I went, hitting my knee hard. Still undeterred, I got up, brushed off the snow, and continued on. I noticed that I'd landed hard on my knee when I fell, but I was pretty sure I'd be ok. I almost slipped a couple more times on the way there, but I safely made it - only to find that my key didn't work in the door. I've used it dozens of times before. Its one of those "electronic keys" that you hold under a light. The light turns green, it beeps, and the door unlocks. Only the light never turned green today. And the door never unlocked. So, I turned my iPod on (to my really cool workout mix) and decided I'd just do my workout outside. But as I started, I realized that it really was too cold and slick for that to work either. I just went back home, and rode the elliptical in the basement for 15 minutes. All was not lost, and I got a decent workout. But, not the one I wanted.

I also learned a couple of things:

1) I did a good job with my workout mix. I only made it through the 311 and Alien Ant Farm songs on the iPod, but they were very motivating

2) I think I actually need to get up at 4:30 to have enough time for a real workout and still make it to work on time.

3) I need to call the HOA and figure out why my key isn't working. Maybe they can refund a bit of our dues from this month.

I will try again tomorrow morning. Maybe day 2 will bring me more luck.

I read an article yesterday about weight loss. The author suggested that in order to have optimal weight loss and fitness, you need to like your body - even the body that is overweight. So, I've been compiling a list of the things I do like about my body. Surprisingly, its longer than I'd have expected:

1) My skin. I have gorgeous skin. People comment on it all of the time. The other night, we were out to dinner with my in-laws. It had been a crazy day, and I hadn't even put makeup on all day. My MIL commented on my skin and asked what I do to make my skin look so good. I felt a bit rude when I told her: soap and water. Maybe a bit of Oil of Olay (I actually just bought a bit of Avon skin care stuff, and I'm liking it too). But, my "beauty regimen" is basically non existent, yet my skin is gorgeous. I've never had issues with blemishes - even during puberty.

2) My teeth. I had a great orthodontist, and he gave me the perfect smile. But, I've also always taken good care of my teeth. And my teeth are all the same size, so they look just like veneers. My FIL is a dentist, and he raves about my teeth all the time. He also professionally whitens them for me. I love my smile.

3) My hair. I've come to love my hair. I've had issues in the past. Its very fine and just a tiny bit wavy. But, I have a great weave (color job) and a nice flat iron. My hair is long and blonde and very healthy.

4) My hips and legs. I am definitely an apple body. So while my top ½ needs work, my hips down look great. I am solidly a size 10 on the bottom. My legs are nicely shaped and athletic looking. My thighs don't rub together. I actually have muscle definition.

5) My lack of hair on the rest of my body. I don't have a bikini line. I don't have hair on my toes. I really only need to shave my legs about ½ way up my calves (of course I go to the knee in the summer, b/c the peachfuzz can look funny next to a hairless calf).

So, there are things I really like about myself. While my poor tummy is unrecognizable, and my boobs have gone from a 32B to a 38DD, at l east there are parts of me that I love and feel confident about. I'm going to focus on those!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new blog-stalking obsession

I've been focusing my blog stalking to non-parenting/mommy sites. Maybe its because all my favorites are now fire walled (I swear I don't check them at work THAT much) or maybe because Bryn's pretty much a toddler now. I guess I really don't know the reason, but I have been searching out other blogs to read. My coworker clued me into this one:

I know it sounds crazy from someone who can barely run a mile now (I know because I ran the other night and was sore for 2 days afterwards). I've always wanted to be a runner. In college, I guess I kind of was. Many days, instead of hitting the books, I'd hit the mountains, running up the steepest trail I could find. I also got addicted to backpacking. There's something about going to a remote mountain area, where few people have ever been. I loved pushing myself to the limit. I never did anything close to the mileage the blog guy covers, but I think I could with a lot of effort. Of course, college was years ago. I'm now about 40 pounds heavier, and obviously in much worse shape. But thoughts of actually attempting a competition has been keeping me searching the net to find a training plan.

So, I've come up with a plan. In 21 days, I'm finished with pumping. I pump for 30 minutes in the mornings. So, instead of sleeping that extra ½ hour, I'm going to still get up and go for a run. My goal is to find a 5k to run in this spring. I know that a 5k is nothing compared to an ultra-marathon, but its something to train for. After the 5k, I'll set my sights on a longer race. And I'd like to do a local ½ marathon at the end of the summer. I had a boyfriend in college that would run it. Its a great first-timers race - all downhill. Sounds perfect.

I found a couple of website with training schedules. I picked one that I think I can handle. It only requires 3 days of week of training, and I think I can fit 3 days into my busy schedule. Especially if we buy a treadmill for the basement gym we're slowly building. At any rate, I'm going to document my progress in my blog. Wish me luck!

Recap of date night

I am loving the fact that I can now email my entries in. I may not be
able to check out all my friends' blogs (due to the spam filter) but at
least I can update my own blog. I'll have to save my blog-stalking for
the weekends.

Ben and I went on a real date last night. It has been so long, I'd
almost forgotten how to conduct myself in public with just my husband.
I do love my girls, but sometimes its nice to just concentrate on adult
conversation, and cutting just my own food. We both left work a bit
early, and my parents met us at our house to watch the girls. Both
girls love my mom, so it was fun for them too. Grandma and Grandpa let
the kids do things that mommy and dad never would, so its just one big

Anyway - after we got the kids situated, we headed downtown. We had
dinner at Z-Tejas, and I actually got to order what I wanted to eat,
instead of something I knew I could share with Bryn. I had a yummy red
pepper, mango, and steak salad. It was delicious. Then we headed to
the basketball game - and what a game it was. Utah lost in the last
second, because of a game-winning shot by Vince Carter at the buzzer.
Despite losing the game, it was a lot of fun.

And it was just what our marriage needed. We had so much fun together.
We laughed, held hands, and even kissed in public. I know that I need
to spend more time working on our relationship. Lately I know we both
have gotten a bit lax. It is difficult, always having to focus on the
kids. Most night I'm so wiped out by the time the girls get to bed,
that there is no energy left for my husband. I need to work on that.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Morning

Yep - its a Monday.

We've been sick all weekend. Really sick. We started about 10 days
ago with a bad cold. The stuffy noses have all cleared up, but we're
all coughing and hacking. Ben finally went to the InstaCare on
Thursday. He must have been feeling really sick, because he never goes
to the doctor without serious prodding. Turns out, he has pneumonia and
an ear infection. When I heard that, I made him run Gracelin back (I
was stuck at work). The doctor didn't think she was as sick, but he did
give her some Prednisone to clear up her cough. After 5 days, it really
hasn't helped. Bryn and I seem to be a bit better, so we've avoided the
doctor thankfully.

I've felt especially crappy mainly because I finally got my first PPAF.
I've been dreading it for months because my IUD is supposed to make it
much more heavy and crampy. And it definitely has been. I've been
bleeding through a tampon in less than an hour. I've even leaked
through a tampon and a pad. (Warning - TMI story to follow. Don't read
if you're squeamish) Yesterday I put Bryn down for her morning nap and
went to soak in the tub. The warm water felt so good that I dozed a
bit. When I woke up (after probably only 15 minutes or so) the water
was bright red. It was so gross. I drained the water, rinsed off in
the shower, and cleaned the tub. Ewwww. But, I've been bleeding that
heavy for 4 straight days. I'm wondering how long its going to be
before I bleed to death. My normal periods only last about 4 days, and
I've never had one this heavy. I'm wondering when I need to call the

At any rate, our lives have been very hectic, and Ben and I have been
arguing quite a bit. I appreciate the words of advice that many of you
have offered. I do love him, and he is a good husband and father. I
know that I don't want to leave him. But so often I do long for
something more from him. He does try hard though. He loves me too, and
wants to make me happy. After an especially hurtful fight last week, we
had a really long talk. A lot of things were resolved, and things have
gotten markedly better. We're limping along.

Tonight, he and I are going on a real date. Its been so long that I
almost don't know how to conduct myself in public with just my husband.
We're leaving work early, and my mom is coming to spend some time with
the girls (who are both very excited). I think it will be very good for
Ben and I as well.

And speaking of the girls . . . they are both doing just beautifully.
Gracelin continues to be precocious, yet incredibly sweet. One of her
favorite treats is to go and get a Slurpee. But, the last 2 times we've
gone, the Slurpee machine has exploded, sending frozen slush all over
the place. Over the weekend, I took her for a Slurpee (just G and mom).
She chose the purple Slurpee, which of course exploded everywhere.
Luckily it mostly missed G, but it was all over me. In fact, as I stuck
my hand into my pocket for the keys, I got a handful of Slurpee. NICE.
As we were getting into the car to go home, G told me: "Mom, some
people have good luck with Slurpees. But not me. I have bad luck with
Slurpees" I laughed all the way home.

Bryn is growing up way too fast. This weekend she learned to say
"thank you" (tank-oo) and "kitty-cat" (key-caaa). Oh, and lest we
forget this amazing feat:

My girls are amazing.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just a test

Ok - if this works, I'll know that I can email posts to my blog.  I can keep caught up!

8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So much to say . . . so little time

I've been MIA for awhile. Work has fire walled all blog sites. So, not only can I NOT update my own blog, I cannot read anyone else's. It sucks. I really miss my blogging. And I really have a lot to update about our lives and my attempts at dieting. But, I have so little computer time at home. In fact, right now I'm just checking in while I wait for the paint to dry on a craft project I'm working on. Both girls are sleeping too. I should be napping with them as well. But, I always have so much to do (housework, other projects, blogging, etc) that sleep takes a back burner most days.

I promise to be better. I'm thinking there has to be a way for me to email posts to blogger. I'll have to figure that one out.