Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Morning

Yep - its a Monday.

We've been sick all weekend. Really sick. We started about 10 days
ago with a bad cold. The stuffy noses have all cleared up, but we're
all coughing and hacking. Ben finally went to the InstaCare on
Thursday. He must have been feeling really sick, because he never goes
to the doctor without serious prodding. Turns out, he has pneumonia and
an ear infection. When I heard that, I made him run Gracelin back (I
was stuck at work). The doctor didn't think she was as sick, but he did
give her some Prednisone to clear up her cough. After 5 days, it really
hasn't helped. Bryn and I seem to be a bit better, so we've avoided the
doctor thankfully.

I've felt especially crappy mainly because I finally got my first PPAF.
I've been dreading it for months because my IUD is supposed to make it
much more heavy and crampy. And it definitely has been. I've been
bleeding through a tampon in less than an hour. I've even leaked
through a tampon and a pad. (Warning - TMI story to follow. Don't read
if you're squeamish) Yesterday I put Bryn down for her morning nap and
went to soak in the tub. The warm water felt so good that I dozed a
bit. When I woke up (after probably only 15 minutes or so) the water
was bright red. It was so gross. I drained the water, rinsed off in
the shower, and cleaned the tub. Ewwww. But, I've been bleeding that
heavy for 4 straight days. I'm wondering how long its going to be
before I bleed to death. My normal periods only last about 4 days, and
I've never had one this heavy. I'm wondering when I need to call the

At any rate, our lives have been very hectic, and Ben and I have been
arguing quite a bit. I appreciate the words of advice that many of you
have offered. I do love him, and he is a good husband and father. I
know that I don't want to leave him. But so often I do long for
something more from him. He does try hard though. He loves me too, and
wants to make me happy. After an especially hurtful fight last week, we
had a really long talk. A lot of things were resolved, and things have
gotten markedly better. We're limping along.

Tonight, he and I are going on a real date. Its been so long that I
almost don't know how to conduct myself in public with just my husband.
We're leaving work early, and my mom is coming to spend some time with
the girls (who are both very excited). I think it will be very good for
Ben and I as well.

And speaking of the girls . . . they are both doing just beautifully.
Gracelin continues to be precocious, yet incredibly sweet. One of her
favorite treats is to go and get a Slurpee. But, the last 2 times we've
gone, the Slurpee machine has exploded, sending frozen slush all over
the place. Over the weekend, I took her for a Slurpee (just G and mom).
She chose the purple Slurpee, which of course exploded everywhere.
Luckily it mostly missed G, but it was all over me. In fact, as I stuck
my hand into my pocket for the keys, I got a handful of Slurpee. NICE.
As we were getting into the car to go home, G told me: "Mom, some
people have good luck with Slurpees. But not me. I have bad luck with
Slurpees" I laughed all the way home.

Bryn is growing up way too fast. This weekend she learned to say
"thank you" (tank-oo) and "kitty-cat" (key-caaa). Oh, and lest we
forget this amazing feat:

My girls are amazing.


Megan said...

Do you have a copper IUD or the Marina? I had the marina & my AF wasn't bad at all. It was a different story when I had it pulled, though! Hopefully it will pass & you can count down to the next one, right?

Sorry that you have all been so sick!! A date, I thought that word sounded familiar! That is something I need to plan!

I love the stories of your girls, keep them coming!!

Kristina said...

AAAAHHHH!! SHE'S WALKING!!!! What a BIG girl! How is she old enough to walk!!! Oh, wow, what a BIG girl!!! That's so exciting.

Did you think about the Mirena IUD? That's the one I got and I don't really get a period anymore, no hormonal PMS crap, no cramps... it's wonderful! TTYL-Kristina

LisserB said...

How awesome that Bryn is walking!! She even beat Chaylyn to it. Chaye will only take about 2 or 3 steps before collapsing into me. She thinks the collapsing part is hilarious, so does it just for fun!

Our baby girls are getting so big!