Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new blog-stalking obsession

I've been focusing my blog stalking to non-parenting/mommy sites. Maybe its because all my favorites are now fire walled (I swear I don't check them at work THAT much) or maybe because Bryn's pretty much a toddler now. I guess I really don't know the reason, but I have been searching out other blogs to read. My coworker clued me into this one:

I know it sounds crazy from someone who can barely run a mile now (I know because I ran the other night and was sore for 2 days afterwards). I've always wanted to be a runner. In college, I guess I kind of was. Many days, instead of hitting the books, I'd hit the mountains, running up the steepest trail I could find. I also got addicted to backpacking. There's something about going to a remote mountain area, where few people have ever been. I loved pushing myself to the limit. I never did anything close to the mileage the blog guy covers, but I think I could with a lot of effort. Of course, college was years ago. I'm now about 40 pounds heavier, and obviously in much worse shape. But thoughts of actually attempting a competition has been keeping me searching the net to find a training plan.

So, I've come up with a plan. In 21 days, I'm finished with pumping. I pump for 30 minutes in the mornings. So, instead of sleeping that extra ½ hour, I'm going to still get up and go for a run. My goal is to find a 5k to run in this spring. I know that a 5k is nothing compared to an ultra-marathon, but its something to train for. After the 5k, I'll set my sights on a longer race. And I'd like to do a local ½ marathon at the end of the summer. I had a boyfriend in college that would run it. Its a great first-timers race - all downhill. Sounds perfect.

I found a couple of website with training schedules. I picked one that I think I can handle. It only requires 3 days of week of training, and I think I can fit 3 days into my busy schedule. Especially if we buy a treadmill for the basement gym we're slowly building. At any rate, I'm going to document my progress in my blog. Wish me luck!

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