Monday, November 30, 2009

Cute butt jeans

I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for cute jeans. Especially the cute, trendy ones, that cost way more than they're worth. But, I'm also frugal (read: cheap), thus I refuse to pay full price. In fact, its rare that I'll actually pay more than $40 for a pair of jeans. I'm pretty good at scoring a bargain. In fact, I recently found a pair of $240 Diesel jeans for only $35. That was a total score.

But, I've recently lost 12 pounds. And to celebrate, I've really been wanting some button pocket jeans. Unfortunately, the bargain hunt has been fruitless. Then, the other day, while browsing the sale items on, I came across the perfect jeans. They were on sale - $85 marked down from $120. Before I could even stop myself, I pulled out the debit card and they were mine.

They came just a few days later. And they are cute:

Really cute.

They look great on too (I tried to figure out how to take a picture of my own derriere, to no avail. You'll have to use your imagination) I love those stinkin' jeans - most especially because they're a size smaller than the last I bought. Score!!

Of course, hubby wasn't thrilled with my purchase. But, dang it, I make good money, and if I want to indulge in something occasionally that makes me feel good about myself, than I should be able to. Right?

One problem though: those cute buttons have an evil side.

They rip my car seat. Notice too that it has been ripped on 3 separate occasions.