Thursday, November 24, 2011

more pinterest inspiration - cute crochet hat

So, I found an adorable crochet hat on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the site is in Dutch (at least I think its Dutch . . .I can't read it anyway). So, I improvised. I think i want to add a cute crocheted flower on the side, but I like it. It is a little tighter than I would like - I need to figure out how to loosen the tension when I crochet. Does it surprise anyone that someone as high-strung as me even crochets tightly? Wait . . . don't answer that.

Anyway, here's the hat:The model is pretty cute too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

inspired by pinterest - Christmas ornament wreath

Pinterest is an addiction. Lest anyone think I just sit around and pin things to my board all day, I thought I would post a project I completed, inspired by one that I found on that site: a fun christmas ornament wreath
And a silly insect-girl.
I raided the dollar store, and $10 dollars later, I had my supplies.
I made a hanger out of crafting wire, and wrapped the styrofoam in green garland. I was having so much fun, that there are no pictures to show the process. But it was pretty simple - just a lot of hot glue and patience.