Friday, November 18, 2011

inspired by pinterest - Christmas ornament wreath

Pinterest is an addiction. Lest anyone think I just sit around and pin things to my board all day, I thought I would post a project I completed, inspired by one that I found on that site: a fun christmas ornament wreath
And a silly insect-girl.
I raided the dollar store, and $10 dollars later, I had my supplies.
I made a hanger out of crafting wire, and wrapped the styrofoam in green garland. I was having so much fun, that there are no pictures to show the process. But it was pretty simple - just a lot of hot glue and patience.


Corrie- said...

I heart pinterest too! You did a great job on your wreath. I bought ornaments last year on clearance to do something very similar. You've inspired me to get going on it! Beautiful!

carrie said...

I love it!! I pinned one of those wreaths the other that I could try to make one. I love yours... You did a great job! I'm addicted to pinterest...Can't. Stop. Pinning. lol