Sunday, May 01, 2011

G is seven!

I can't believe I have a seven year-old. She is so big and so grown up. She really is such a good girl - she's polite, obedient, and really tries hard to always do her best. She's reading way above her grade level, and is great at math too. She shows a strong interest in geography, and loves to learn about different people and places. She's also athletic - right now she is in precompetition level gymnastics, dance, and soccer. And in her "spare" time she loves to ride her bike. She's a great sister, and loves Bryn soo much. Of course, we love her soo much too. She's a great girl, and I'm lucky to be her mommy.
For her birthday, she asked for an iPod touch, a cell phone, and a skate board. She got the skate board, and spent several hours on it learning to ride.

I also made her a rag quilt for her bed:
And my very first fondant cake. It looks like my first.