Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do I at least get an A for effort?

Today was Day 1 of my [url=]couch to 5k running plan[/url]. I know its not the most ambitious running plan, and honestly the first few weeks will be easy. But I've started and stopped my exercise program too many times to count. So, I'm thinking that maybe if I start off a bit slow this time I'll stick with it better.

I set my alarm for 4:45 so I'd have enough time to make it to the clubhouse for a 30 minute workout, and then still have time to get ready for work. I even slept in my workout clothes (good thing they're comfortable) so that I'd have no excuses. Actually Bryn woke herself up coughing at 4:30, so after I got her back to sleep I just put on my running shoes and headed outside. I was surprised to see that it had snowed - but I was undeterred. The walk to the clubhouse is a short one, and I'd be on the treadmill inside. But, as I hit the end of the driveway and rounded the corner onto the sidewalk I slipped on the ice. Down I went, hitting my knee hard. Still undeterred, I got up, brushed off the snow, and continued on. I noticed that I'd landed hard on my knee when I fell, but I was pretty sure I'd be ok. I almost slipped a couple more times on the way there, but I safely made it - only to find that my key didn't work in the door. I've used it dozens of times before. Its one of those "electronic keys" that you hold under a light. The light turns green, it beeps, and the door unlocks. Only the light never turned green today. And the door never unlocked. So, I turned my iPod on (to my really cool workout mix) and decided I'd just do my workout outside. But as I started, I realized that it really was too cold and slick for that to work either. I just went back home, and rode the elliptical in the basement for 15 minutes. All was not lost, and I got a decent workout. But, not the one I wanted.

I also learned a couple of things:

1) I did a good job with my workout mix. I only made it through the 311 and Alien Ant Farm songs on the iPod, but they were very motivating

2) I think I actually need to get up at 4:30 to have enough time for a real workout and still make it to work on time.

3) I need to call the HOA and figure out why my key isn't working. Maybe they can refund a bit of our dues from this month.

I will try again tomorrow morning. Maybe day 2 will bring me more luck.

I read an article yesterday about weight loss. The author suggested that in order to have optimal weight loss and fitness, you need to like your body - even the body that is overweight. So, I've been compiling a list of the things I do like about my body. Surprisingly, its longer than I'd have expected:

1) My skin. I have gorgeous skin. People comment on it all of the time. The other night, we were out to dinner with my in-laws. It had been a crazy day, and I hadn't even put makeup on all day. My MIL commented on my skin and asked what I do to make my skin look so good. I felt a bit rude when I told her: soap and water. Maybe a bit of Oil of Olay (I actually just bought a bit of Avon skin care stuff, and I'm liking it too). But, my "beauty regimen" is basically non existent, yet my skin is gorgeous. I've never had issues with blemishes - even during puberty.

2) My teeth. I had a great orthodontist, and he gave me the perfect smile. But, I've also always taken good care of my teeth. And my teeth are all the same size, so they look just like veneers. My FIL is a dentist, and he raves about my teeth all the time. He also professionally whitens them for me. I love my smile.

3) My hair. I've come to love my hair. I've had issues in the past. Its very fine and just a tiny bit wavy. But, I have a great weave (color job) and a nice flat iron. My hair is long and blonde and very healthy.

4) My hips and legs. I am definitely an apple body. So while my top ½ needs work, my hips down look great. I am solidly a size 10 on the bottom. My legs are nicely shaped and athletic looking. My thighs don't rub together. I actually have muscle definition.

5) My lack of hair on the rest of my body. I don't have a bikini line. I don't have hair on my toes. I really only need to shave my legs about ½ way up my calves (of course I go to the knee in the summer, b/c the peachfuzz can look funny next to a hairless calf).

So, there are things I really like about myself. While my poor tummy is unrecognizable, and my boobs have gone from a 32B to a 38DD, at l east there are parts of me that I love and feel confident about. I'm going to focus on those!


Megan said...

You are beautiful! I've only ever seen pictures, but you do have great skin & hair (I've noticed & thought that when seeing your pictures.) I love your list about what you like about your body!! That is such a great thing to do. So often we dwell on the negative that we can't even remember the positive. Even though my body is nowhere near what it once was or where I would love it to be, I am happy with it. I try not to get sucked into our culture's obsession with scale numbers. I want to lose weight to be healthier & to be a good example to my family. I don't talk about weight in front of Hannah, because I feel it very important to make sure she doesn't get a self-image complex (atleast not from me.)

Sorry your plan didn't work so great this morning, I think your plan is great, something simple so you don't get overwhelmed or burned out too early on in the program. GOOD LUCK!

Kristina said...

I think you get points for trying!! It certainly wasn't a lack of effort on your part that thwarted you!!

I'm thinking about running too- however it's dark when I wake up (and when I get home) and it's icy. These are NOT a good combination for running. My plan is to get on the damn elliptical until April and then start running when the sunlight is more cooperative.

But, oh my... 4:30am? Yikes... I can't get up the early...

Have you checked out this blog?

She has some good posts on learning how to run.

Good Luck!! TTYL

Oh- and that first photo was taken in Banff, Alberta overlooking the Banff Springs Hotel. Yes, it's that beautiful. It's about an hour outside Calgary and has some of best skiing in the world in the winter and some of the most amazing scenery and hiking in the summer. Care to plan a vacation here? I'd love to show you around...