Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Recap of date night

I am loving the fact that I can now email my entries in. I may not be
able to check out all my friends' blogs (due to the spam filter) but at
least I can update my own blog. I'll have to save my blog-stalking for
the weekends.

Ben and I went on a real date last night. It has been so long, I'd
almost forgotten how to conduct myself in public with just my husband.
I do love my girls, but sometimes its nice to just concentrate on adult
conversation, and cutting just my own food. We both left work a bit
early, and my parents met us at our house to watch the girls. Both
girls love my mom, so it was fun for them too. Grandma and Grandpa let
the kids do things that mommy and dad never would, so its just one big

Anyway - after we got the kids situated, we headed downtown. We had
dinner at Z-Tejas, and I actually got to order what I wanted to eat,
instead of something I knew I could share with Bryn. I had a yummy red
pepper, mango, and steak salad. It was delicious. Then we headed to
the basketball game - and what a game it was. Utah lost in the last
second, because of a game-winning shot by Vince Carter at the buzzer.
Despite losing the game, it was a lot of fun.

And it was just what our marriage needed. We had so much fun together.
We laughed, held hands, and even kissed in public. I know that I need
to spend more time working on our relationship. Lately I know we both
have gotten a bit lax. It is difficult, always having to focus on the
kids. Most night I'm so wiped out by the time the girls get to bed,
that there is no energy left for my husband. I need to work on that.

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