Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm not an artsy/crafty person, except during the holidays. Once December hits, I break it all out - trying to make up for a year of being boring. My kids love crafts, so I try to make them part of our holiday traditions. It starts with the trimming of the tree (my least favorite):
After the ornaments are on, we always paint something new.
I also made the girls hair bows. I did them late at night, and I"m sure next time I attempt them, they'd be much cuter. But, here's the finished products:
This year we also went crazy making magnets to give as gifts to teachers, friends, etc. A little scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, and glass globs.

We still have the annual gingerbread house and christmas cookies to make. Photos are forthcoming.

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Koreena said...

I love traditions! Those bows look really cute.