Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Idol week 2 report card

I got the kids in bed and laced up my running shoes so I could "multitask" - exercise while watching Idol. Only I just walked (because I'm worried I may be developing achilles' tendonitis) when I really wanted to be running. Perhaps that is what put me into such a foul mood - but this week was not good. There isn't honestly one performance that stands out to me - it was all very "forgettable and safe". (wouldn't I make an excellent judge?) At any rate, here's the American Idol week 2 report card:

Amanda Overmeyer - back in the USSR. This was just ok. I don't really "get" this girl. I give her a solid B.

Krisy Lee Cook - You've got to hide your love away. She's beautiful and has a great personality - but this song was another bomb. She was way "pitchy dawg" and so, so boring. I don't even think this song was in her range - the lower notes were a mess. I think she's going home this week. C-

David Archuleta - The long and winding road. I've never heard this song, but he did very well. He kind of has a Josh Groban vibe about him (his voice, not his look). He's still a bit boring to me though. But he gets an A.

Michael Johns - A day in the life. This song started out great and ended well too - but the middle was horrible. I still really like him (and have a super big crush)- I hope he gets the chance to really show his voice before he goes home. At least that won't be this week. B+

Brooke White - Here comes the sun. UGH. I love this girl, but this week was horrible - from the yellow dress to the song with only 5 notes. She's safe, but I only give her a B-

David Cook - Day Tripper. I don't know this song either, but he did ok. It was bit on the "butt rock" side of things, but he knows who he is. He's a great performer and I do love his voice. Plus I think he's a hottie! A-

Carly Smithson - Blackbird. She's not typically one of my favs, but she was tonight. I actually really liked her. Great vocals and performance. (even if she is a broken bird who has just learned to fly) A

Jason Castro - Michelle. I did not get this song, and the French made it awkward. But it was actually one of his best vocal performances. He's too cute though, and he's totally safe. B+

Syesha Mercado - Yesterday. This was the best performance of the night for me. A couple of pitch problems, but otherwise fantastic. A

Chickezie Eze - I've just seen a face. Holy crap - where do I begin? Why would anyone who has never played the harmonica think they could just pick it up and play it. I don't think the vocals were that bad, but the song was just weird for me. Was it county? I agree with Julie - "Chickezier" fits! B

Ramiele Malubay - I should have known better. She was uncomfortable and amateurish. And horrible in her lower register. Bottom 3, but she's safe. C+

What did everyone else think? Did I call it right?


Steph N. said...

Thanks for the review. I missed it last night.
I just started running last night after about 3 wks off because of tendonitis in my foot. It is so painful and frustrating, so I totally understand.

Chelsea said...

Yep, I agree with your assessment. I wish they would have just kept the Beatles songs to last week and moved on! I thought Simon was totally right when he said that Brooke should have done "Yesterday" instead, that would have been so much better than the super cheese she came up with.

Lynita said...

Man I didn't even see it, but I am glad I didn't waste the time if it was that bad. I don't have DVR so I have to watch it in real time commercials and all. Plus last night I was too busy watching Family Guy, cuz I needed a laugh!

Julia said...

Oh man, what a mess!

I agree, (even though I love the Beatles) they shouldn't have tried to do Beatles again.

I'm SO angry at Michael Johns....ruining my absolute FAV of all times Beatles song. ugh, ugh And those HORRIBLE pants!! Who dresses these ppl?

Chekiezer...gross and I love that song too.

Brook. yeah I don't know. I like her better as indie, Carly Simon-ish. The little WOOO was weird for me.

David A. Glad to see he did well. Love that song and thought he did a fair amount of justice.

David C. UGHHHHH. I know he's a rocker. But I wanted to slam his face with a 10 lb ham during that song. Wipe that damn smirk off your face, you dummy. Also horrible pants.

Jason C. ummm weird. kind of too gay for me. Still like him okay. also very horrible pants!

I know I'm being picky, but seriously? those pants were awful!

I have no clue who will go tonight. I kind of want them all to go right now, especially Randy.

(Side note: I watched this at 3 AM so I may have been too tired to really "get" anyone.)

Christie said...

I didn't notice anyone's pants. guess I'll have to be more observant next time.

Tiburon said...

I couldn't agree more! I hope Krisy Lee or Ramiele go home this week. They suck!