Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a little bit obsessed

Ok - I'll admit it: I'm a huge Idol fan. I've never actually made a blog post about a TV show before, but I'm not sleepy yet. And since I just finished running to my DVRed show, I'm going to feed my obsession for a few more minutes. Mostly Ben and I watch because its fun to make fun of. We love to see if we can guess what the judges are going to say, and to see how lucid Paula is. But I suppose that I watch too because there really are some talented people on the show, and its fun to see how they'll do.

We keep hearing the "buzz" that this is the most talented group they've had, and while I haven't been an Idol follower since the beginning, I tend to agree. There really are some great performers. Here's my favs:

David Cook
This guy is definitely my favorite - I've liked him since the beginning when I saw his audition. He has the greatest rock voice, and I would definitely buy his album. Besides the fact that he's pretty good eye candy as well. I loved his version of Lionel Richie's Hello. Seriously, he made that song sound good. I hope he goes far, but doesn't actually win. (just like Chris Daughtry) He'd make a great rock album, but not so good with the whole cheesy AI album vibe.

Brooke White
I think she is amazing. I love that she's not afraid to be herself, and she has the most amazingly pure and clear voice. She's also a talented musician, and has played the guitar and piano on stage.

Jason Castro
I love his dreads. And I love how he's so shy and awkward in his interviews, but once he starts to sing he transforms. I think he's a very emotional performer, and I love his style - I'd definitely buy his album too.

Michael Johns
He makes me swoon - I don't know if its his Aussie accent or sexy hair, but I love this guy. He reminds me of the bands in the 90s that I just love. That is still my favorite era of music, and he seems to have just stepped right out of there. I do think that he's struggled a bit, and hasn't quite found his "song" yet. But I snooped around on youtube (obsessed anyone?) and found a great song called Q that he and his band did. I LOVE this song, and really hope he gets to record it. I'd buy it.

And I suppose I support the hometown kid, David Archuleta. He's pretty good I guess. But I don't know if I'd like him as much if he wasn't from here. I do think he did a phenomenal version of Imagine, but since then I've been a bit unimpressed.

There really isn't anyone that I cannot stand this year, although I do have a difficult time not imagining David Hernandez performing in the gay bar. I also have a difficult time getting excited about Carly. I know the judges have her all hyped, but I'm not so excited. I do think its going to be a fun year, and the guys are definitely better than the girls. I'm hooked.

And my prediction for who's going to be sent home this week:

Bottom 2 will be Syesha and Kristy, and I think Syesha will leave. Sorry girl. Anyone wanna wager?


Chelsea said...

Yay, I'm excited you're into Idol too! I like the same ones you like. I totally agree about the bottom 2 - but I hope it's Kristy who leaves. I've never thought she was that good and the arrangement she did last night totally butchered a great song. David Archuleta totally choked, I hope it doesn't come back to bite him because I think he has great potential - and I'm not even from Utah, so I'm not biased. :D

Savage Family said...

WOW you know your stuff!! I love David Archuleta and Brooke White they are my favs!!! I don't think Syesha will leave I think Kristy (she's the one who did the wired country song twist right?) David Cook is good too!

Angie said...

I love watching too! I agree with your comments except I think Kristy may leave this week - I really, really hated what she did to that song! Yikes. I'm also with you on Michael Johns, I don't know what it is about him but "swoon" is a perfect word! LOL! I'll have to check out that song of his on youtube.

Christie said...

Based upon performance, Kristy definitely did the worst last night. But I'm thinking that there's gotta be some country fans somewhere out there voting for her. Right?

I suppose I could be totally wrong.

But I did just read that David A had strep throat last night. No wonder he struggled!

Julia said...

Kristy was horrible. I also hated Syesha and Ramiele's performances. David A. will be fine even though he was a mess. Is he serious that that was the ONLY Beatles song he knew?

I loved the Beatles night. I was kind of wishing that the rest of the season would be Beatles nights. It's much better than some of the other themes.

I have to admit that David C. is growing on me. I think he looks like a total tool though. He's version of Hello swayed my vote back his way though. I just think he needs to admit that he's going bald and stop trying to hide it with the old-guy-half-emo hair he's trying to sport. I thought he was just a little too much emo for me last night, but I think it's because Lennon is probably rolling in his grave listening to what people are doing to their songs. If it hadn't been a Beatles song I might have liked his style more.

Brook was awesome and I totally feel like she's so genuine.

David H could/should totally go. he was so, so cruise ship lame. I thought the first guy to go would be Chikezie or whatever because I HATED him up until last night. Darn you Chikezier!

I don't much like Amanda. She seems bored by the whole thing, although I do think she's given decent performances. I really do think she's a one trick pony though and never sounds that great unless she's bluesy-rockin' it.

Carly...I actually liked last night and she really bugs me. Sorry chicky, you had your 2 million dollar deal. Step aside for some new talent.

Okay, way too obsessed. I agree that this season is WAY, WAY better than last. But nothing will ever compare to the Bo/Carrie season.

Should go: Kristy
Will go: Kristy

Christie said...

Julia - too funny about David's hair. I think he's kinda hot and I like his hair. I've never thought he was going bald - I'll have to pay closer attention next week.

The Gatherum Family said...

Hey, totally random but where can I find tomatillo's and what exactly are they? I looked at Target and they didn't have them...Thanks!

Gina said...

Hey Christie...I did a post on American Idol too, then I came over and read yours!! We are thinking the same on our favorites!! I will agree that Michael Johns is cute but I just love that cute Jason Castro!! I hope the guys take it all the way this year, and Brooke too!!

The Gatherum Family said...

Thanks so much! I had no idea what I was looking for and the guy at target was clueless. I am making pork salads with the dressing this weekend. I'll let you know how they turn out :P)

Omgirl said...

I would comment on this post, but I'm like 3 weeks behind on watching A.I., so I dont' want any spoilers. When I catch up, I'll come back and read your comments.

carrie said...

I was totally laughing at Julia's comment. How funny....and sorry to say, I feel the same way! ;o)
I'm with Gina, I like Jason Castro a lot....and I can't help but like David Archuleta. He's just a sweet kid, and he's got a lot of talent. I looked at your comment on Gina's blog, and I added one of Jason's songs to my playlist on my blog. I just like his style of singing.... I'm a dork about this show. I just love it. :o)

carrie said...

P.S. I, too, think Kristy is horrible. (not to be rude, ha ha)

carrie said...

Yes, I'm making my 3rd comment...Sorry!! I, for some reason, never got to see David's version of Hello. I just did, off your link. I loved that... It made me like him again. There...you swayed me a little bit. :o)

Jess T said...

I loved that Imagine version too, but he has been pretty boring since. I really like Carly. :) There are a lot of decent ones this year. I LOVE IDOL! WOOHOO!

janae said...

I love watching Idol this year, but I keep forgetting to record it so it really helps me keep up on it by reading people's blogs. So, thanks for the update.

Lynita said...

It is so funny that all of your favorite people are the same as mine! I think David Cook has been one of my favs from the get go! That version of Hello is perfection!