Monday, March 10, 2008

The many faces of Brynlee

As if getting up Monday morning after we've "sprung ahead" wasn't difficult enough, Bryn decided last night that she didn't want to sleep. At 2:30 am (or was it 3:30? I can't remember which of my clocks had been put ahead at that hour) she decided she didn't want to sleep anymore. The problem was, that I REALLY did want to sleep. Really! I'd gone to bed with a migraine, and I knew that a good night of sleep was the only thing that would keep me from waking up with the headache in the morning.

But Brynlee had other plans. She wanted her blankie. Then a drink. Then a song, and another song, and another and another. Then she wanted her back scratched. UGH. The demands went on and on and one. And now that she can get in and out of bed by herself, there is no way for me to make her stay. I refused to let her sleep with me - especially since I was already sleeping with Gracelin because Ben was snoring. So, I resorted to lying on her floor and singing to her until she fell asleep.

The kid is 2 years old for goodness sake - when is she going to sleep through the night?

I swear - Brynlee is the most difficult child and the most wonderful child all at the same time. Its like there are two people in her one little body. Here are a few facts about her:

She is so sweet, loving and kind. And she really is happy. She smiles and sings all of the time - and her cute little singing voice it just about the most wonderful sound ever.

Brynlee is also social and friendly. She says hi to everyone - in the store, at church, at restaurants. And she LOVES to talk on the phone. I don't know any other 2 year olds that can carry on a phone converstation, but she can. Its hilarious. She really does love people. I think I could learn something from her as far as how to treat people. She is so living and kind. She's worried about feelings, and can really sense when someone is sad. She'll tell me all the time that someone is sad - she can tell just by looking at them. About a month ago, we had gone to dinner at Applebee's as a family. There was an older grandma-type lady eating along at the table next to us. Bryn was so worried about her. She kept smiling and waving, and finally had to run over and talk to her. She just didn't want the lady to feel lonely. And when I lie her down at night, she'll say "Mommy. Are you happy?" I'll tell her that I am, and she'll respond with "I love you too!"

And she's smart - maybe too smart. She knows the alphabet and can count to 20. She knows the words to about 20 different songs. She knows all her shapes and colors. And not much gets by her. At her 2 year old check-up 2 weeks ago, the doctor asked me if Bryn had started stripping naked yet. At that point she had never done that - but she did the very next day, and every day since then. I'm sure when she heard him ask, the little lightbulb went off inside her head, and she realized that is might be fun to be naked. She understands everything.

She's also strong and coordinated. She loves physical activity, and can't wait for her gymnastics class. She also loves to run and run and run. That girl is all about motion. On Saturday we went to a bike store. She saw a cute little bike just her size, and wanted it so badly. The man working there let her take it off the wall and she rode it around the store about 100 times.

She's a girl - a princess - a diva. She loves clothes and shoes. On Friday she needed new shoes, so I tooke her to the shoe store to buy them. It was a real shoe store and when she walked inside, with her shrill little voice, she excitedly exclaimed to everyone within ear-shot (which were quite a few people): "I LOVE SHOES!!" She was in heaven, and wanted to try on everything.

She isn't intimitated by anything, which right now is a curse. I'm sure one day, that may be her greatest trait, but there is nothing worse than a toddler with no fear. I have to constantly be on guard to make sure she's not doing something dangerous. There aren't too many kids who can pick on her either - I worry she may be a bit of a bully. We were playing at the park with some friends. She and another little boy who is only 3 weeks younger than her were under the slide. His mom and I couldn't see them, but we could hear them. Suddenly, one of them let out a shrill scream, and his mom and I rused over to intervene. I think by the sound of the scream, we were both pretty sure that he was picking on her. But Brynlee had the kid by his neck, and was shaking him - and he was the one screaming like a little girl.

She is strong-willed, which again, is not a good thing in a 2 year old. I have decided that the majority of her tantrums come when she doesn't think she's getting her way. So, I've had to devise ways to get her to do what I want while still making her feel like she's doing what she wants. Its a very tricky thing. But I'm getting more devious.

She gives the best hugs and kisses.

I do love her, and wouldn't trade her for anything. But some days, she makes me so tired. And when i think what life is going to be like for me when she's a strong-willed, unintimidated, friendly diva teenager who loves to hug and kiss, my blood runs cold. I think I'm in serious trouble.


carrie said...

Christie....I was seriously laughing out loud at this post!! What a little sweetheart you have!! Seriously.... how cute is she?? I love it. Jason and I talk about Bo in the SAME way, so I can relate. (except for being a girly girl!! ha ha) He is totally NOT shy, and gives love to everyone, without shying away. He especially loves women. It's hilarious, but we, too, are TERRIFIED of it carrying over to his teenage years. YIKES.... Right now, he'll just see a little girl and decide she is just beautiful, and he wants to kiss her. Oh well, it could be worse, huh?? ..... Also, he is my only child who 95 percent of the time WILL NOT sleep thru the night STILL. He always has to come into my room....or come downstairs. It drives me crazy. I've decided I need Super Nanny to come help me. But then the whole country would see how I have NO CONTROL...and I would be the worst parent on the planet, I'm sure. I think I'll have to live with no GOOD sleep sometimes. ha ha Anyway, sorry for the long comment. I loved what you wrote. You are a good mother, and it's obvious how much you love your daughters. Have a good week!! :o)

Julia said...

My boy isn't quite two, but I know what you are saying about the sleeping business. And unfortunately I have a husband who thinks it is cruel and unusual to let anyone cry for even 30 seconds. I mean if I had MY way, Landon would have been "soothing himself" by six months. But no. Just like I don't have it my way that I want Jeff to put the crib back together so I at least have one place I can put Landon for his time-outs and naps. But no. Jeff was so excited to try out the toddler bed that there is no where to contain the little man (no where to contain jeff either obviously!).

So I just made a rule, if Jeff won't let me use my method, then Jeff has to put Landon to bed. This usually involves 30 minutes of wrestling and then Lady and the Tramp or Winnie the Pooh for the 40000000 time. I'm totally against TV for a bedtime routine, but do I get a say? No. So I just let the boys do their thing and enjoy all my trashy VH1 shows without having to listen to Jeff whine about Sportscenter or Landon whine about Pooh. I guess I'm the jerk.

Your little girl sounds so awesome. I know what you are saying about the kids being WAY too smart for their own good. I'm so, so worried about Landon. If right now I have to dive to catch him as he's hurtling himself over the - you name it - couch, counter, deck, back of the car, swing set - then how am I going to catch him when he's throwing himself off giant cliffs at Snowbird and attempting terribly frightening moves on the skateboard. He already does the skate board thing and I can't even watch.

Okay too long of a comment. I hope you don't have a headache today. Waking up with one is the worst. And should mommies really have to sleep on the floor? THat's the kids job isn't it?

Christie said...

Oh - I am all for cying-it-out. If only she would stay in her bed and cry. That sounds like heaven compared to this wandering around the house naked in the middle of the night stuff.

Ah - I hope she gets over that before she's a teenager!!

Tiburon said...

Christie - She sounds so much like Lulu it isn't funny! I bet we could swap some whopper stories! I can't see the pics though :(

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog too - totally made my day :)

janae said...

I love her spunky little attitude! It 's funny when it's not your child. I know because I have one quite a bit like her. They are just so full of life. Though we wouldn't change their personalities for anything, it's okay to hope they will give us a break every once in awhile.

The Rose Family said...

I love the song you've got for your blog! And I can imagine how hard it must be to want sleep that badly-- but Brynlee is just so cute! I don't know how you manage it-- you're my hero!

Lindsay said...

She seriously sounds perfect, you may think I'm insane since you're probably a little frustrated with her, but she has many qualities I hope Lucy has. And I am right there with you on the sleeping through the night thing. My boys were trained in 2 days, it's been about 3 months and Lucy will have nothing to do with it.

Savage Family said...

I love those pictures so cute!!!