Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Today was a good day. Grace has been sick, and woke up really early this morning. Despite having a fever all day, she was such a good girl. She helped me make some pies, and then we watched the Macy's parade - all while Bryn ran around like her crazy self. Daddy came home from football, and got the girls down for a nap while I ran (or tried to - I'm still sick myself).

After naps, we went to have dinner with my mom, sister, and brother-in-law. Although it was a small group, we still made the same amount of food: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato caserole, corn pudding, green beans, and home-made rolls. Everything was delicious. Probably because no expense was spared for the sake of calories. We added up the sticks of butter used in dinner, and just thinking about it made my arteries clog. But it was good.

My kids are strange though - they don't like mashed potatoes. Seriously, what kid doesn't like mashed potatoes? In fact, they didn't like anything except the rolls and chocolate pies. They will each eat a cup of salsa when we serve it, but they won't eat turkey and potatoes.

After dinner, we helped my mom set up her 14 foot Christmas tree. G wanted to sing carols, so I played some songs on the piano while we all sang. G's favorite is We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and she asked to sing it over and over - I think because she knows all the words. Even Bryn loved the "chris-chris lights".

On the way home, G told me that she was thankful for Grandma and Aunt Jen (my sister), and that the best part of her day was the turkey she got to eat, even if she spit it all out. Ha ha. What a sweet and funny girl.


Erin said...

A stick of butter makes everything better. Oh how I love Paula Deen! Sounds like you had fun. Hope your little one (and you) feel all the way better soon.

Oh-did you ever figure out what your husband was mad about? Good luck if you haven't.

Jan said...

Oh, gotta love the butter! Happy TG to all of you -- sounds like a lovely day.