Friday, November 09, 2007

Five for Friday

I'm going to steal Me and My Guys great idea. In the spirit of November, every Friday I will post 5 things that I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful for the nice weather we've been having. Today was such a beautiful day. We spent almost 3 hours at the park, and didn't even need coats.

2. I am grateful for my kids. My kids are amazing. I am so blessed to be a mommy to two (almost) perfect little sweeties. I do need to be nicer to them though. Today Gracelin told me that when she grows up, she's going to be a nice mommy. That made me feel badly.

3. I am grateful for my job. I am blessed to have a good job with good benefits, so that I can support my family.

4. I am grateful for my health. This week, my coworker's husband had emergency surgery because they found out he had cancer. They removed 15 tumors from his abdomen. I am so blessed to be healthy, and able to keep up with my kids.

5. I am grateful to be American. Sometimes I get so sad when I think of the conditions that most of the world is living in. I am so grateful to have my freedoms.

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The Gatherum Family said...

Yeah, so glad you did this-I hope you have a better week after this not so good one...