Saturday, November 03, 2007

Chasing tail

I woke up bright and early this morning to participate in the above listed race. I met my mom and sister at a local historic farm/county park for the race, which was a benefit for an animal rescue group. It was a gorgeous fall morning, and quite chilly. I wasn't expecting it to be so cold, and I was not dressed appropriately. I am sorry too that I forgot my camera, because it truly was scenic. The race was mostly on wooded trails around the farm, and one of the rivers from a near-by canyon runs right through the course. Most of the trees were in the height of their autumn colors, and it was so beautiful.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling very well. The cold air made it difficult to breathe, and I never felt like I caught my breath. I think I took my asthma inhaler 4 times during the race, and it never made a difference. And I had this strange stitch in my side. Needless to say, I ran the slowest 5k ever - over 5 minutes slower than my PR. It was pretty frustrating - I just freakin' ran a marathon, and this morning I stuggled to finish a 5k. I'm going to chalk it up to asthma problems and figure that everyone has a bad day.

Anyway - here's some pics of my crazy kids. Daddy is at the football game today, and they're bouncing off of the walls, which you can't tell by the pictures at all (note sarcasm).

Oh - and I found out some good news this morning: my brother and his kids are moving out here from Cincinnati the weekend of Thanksgiving! Whoo hoo.

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Jan said...

So you have asthma too? I have struggled with it since I was a kid and carry an inhaler everywhere I go. Not fun especially when it gets in the way of doing the physical things you want to do.