Friday, November 02, 2007

Jewelry party

I almost didn't get my post in today, and its only the 2nd of the month. Whew!

It's been such a busy day. I spent most of it cleaning my house and running to the store. I had a party to get ready for and a baby shower gift to buy. I also had 2 little girls running around madly undoing all the cleaning up I was getting done. Finally they had nap time, and I was able to work while they slept. After they woke up, we had snacks outside and then went to the park, so as to keep the house clean. Then, we had time to run to a baby shower and make it home just in time. The party began at 7pm, and we made it home with only minutes to spare. Thank goodness for a daddy who was very helpful tonight.

Although I'd had over 10 people RSVP, only 6 showed up. But those who came had lots of fun. We were able to make our own beaded jewelry. She had lots of bins with loose beads that we could string into necklaces, bracelets and ear rings.
Gracelin had so much fun - she was very intent and did an excellent job. I actually had her help me make a bracelet that I finished. The part she did was better.
Here's the final bracelet that she made (she didn't want to show her face, because by this time it was 2 hours past her bedtime, and she was exhausted).
Here is Avery (Tiburon from Shark Bait's daughter). She had a fun time beading, and an even more fun time eating treats.
Part of the group hard at work making their jewelry.

Ok - so not the most exciting post, but I did it! I've got to get to bed - I'm running a 5k in the morning and I need my sleep.


Erin said...

That party sounds like fun! Good luck on your 5K

Jan said...

Looks like fun to me - -Tib is married to my nephew Adam! I must have found your blog from hers. Amazing.