Sunday, November 11, 2007

More tantrums

Satan descended upon our household today in the form of my sweet daughter. One minute Brynlee was just fine, but the next she decided that she didn't want her shower tonight. The only explanation I have is that she was overly tired and not feeling well. And I dared to try and wash the shampoo from her hair. She screamed, held her breath, turned purple, and then vomited. I took her out, wrapped her in a towel, and took her to the bed to get her dressed in her PJs. She continued to scream and then started throwing up again. She was lying on her back, and the puke shot straight up into the air. So that she didn't aspirate, I sat her up as she continued to scream. I expected her head to turn around - I swear she was possessed.

I cleaned her up and dressed her. Then I wrapped her in her favorite blanket and took her outside onto the porch. It was cold outside and raining fairly hard - and just the distraction she needed. Just as quickly as the tantrum came on, it was over. We rocked in her room, read stories and sang songs. She asked to go to sleep, and didn't even cry.

I am not sure what to do about her tantrums. She is so strong-willed, and some days is completely unreasonable.


Jess T said...

Holy crap! I've never had to deal with vomit during any tantrums. CRAZY!

Chelsea said...

The first line of this is priceless!

Do you think she threw up because she was so upset, or was she so upset because she was feeling pukey? I know Sawyer has come close to throwing up once when he was so worked up during a tantrum, those emotions are too big for their bodies sometimes!