Thursday, November 08, 2007

Passing out, swimming and job interviews (not all at the same time thankfully)

I passed out this morning. Nothing like that has ever happened to me - it was the strangest thing. I woke up with my alarm, but was so tired that I decided to hit "snooze" for 10 more minutes. G must have heard the alarm though, because she came into my room a couple of minutes later, asking for toast. So, I got out of bed to go help her. I felt fine until I reached the doorway - and that is when things started to spin. I got dizzy and my knees buckled. I fell to the floor, and layed there about a minute until I could stand back up. I felt fine afterwards though.

I'm hoping it was just a fluke. I have felt really tired lately, and I've got a naggy headache. I probably should make an appointment to see the doctor, but I can't find the time until next week. I did have one of the EMTs give me a quick assessment. My BP was 100/60, and everything seemed fine.

I also was able to swim on my lunch break today. I hadn't been in a few months. In the spring, I was swimming faithfully on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But then summer hit, and swimming lessons were being held at the same time I was used to going to open swim. I got out of the habit. It felt so great to swim today - I remembered how much I love the pool. I swam 1/2 mile in a little over 20 minutes. I'm not super fast, but I'm pretty good. I've always felt that I'm a better swimmer than a runner. Maybe I should try a tri!

I also got a call back from another resume I sent, and scheduled an interveiw for next Tuesday with a City we will call WJ. Coincidentally, right after I scheduled the appointment, I was talking with a developer friend. He was praising our office for our efficiency and friendliness, and made a comment that we're so much better than the other cities he works with - especially WJ. How ironic! He went on to tell me all about the troubles he has seen with WJ, and how he thinks they're one of the worst he deals with. I laughed, and told him that I am interviewing there next week. He did offer to give me a recommendation, but I told him to wait until I interview and see what I think.

The job is exactly what I am doing now, only it pays about $20 grand more than I make in my current position. It would be a significant pay increase. But not worth it if the job sucks. Where I am now is such a great environment. While I don't make big bucks, I have great benefits and a relatively low-stress work place. Daycare is 6 blocks away, and I get Fridays off.

Hmmmm. Lots to consider. I am probably counting my chickens a bit too soon though. I haven't even interviewed yet.


Jess T said...

I hope it works out for you.

The Gatherum Family said...

Girl, you need a VACATION-alone-somewhere far, far away...really though, you should go to the doctor, that is not good :) hope you have a better day today.