Monday, November 12, 2007

Time to eat some crow

Ben and I have both been sick for the past few days, and quite frankly he's been annoying me. He's been moping around the house for days, and its made me feel like he didn't understand that that I felt sick too. He called in sick to work today, and it had no sympathy. I really just thought that he was being a baby and I wanted to tell him to buck up.

By this afternoon, he asked me to take him to Instacare. Although I was sure he just had the same virus I've been suffering with, I obliged him. We got there at about 4:30, and he got called right back. I waited in the waiting room with the girls. After a few minutes, I heard one of the nurses yell that he needed help, because someone had passed out. I immediately knew that it was Ben. They had been trying to give him an IV because he was so dehydrated, and he passed out.

The doctor agreed that Ben was really sick. They did chest x-rays, blood work, and gave him 2 IVs. But, after 3 hours, they determined he must just have a virus and sent us home.


Erin said...

I hope he's feeling better. Doesn't he know to eat soup and drink lots of juice?! Silly men! Good luck taking care of three babies! Just kidding. Seriously though, good luck getting through this.

Jess T said...

:( That sucks. Yes, we tend to be hardest on our partners. I'm not sure why that is.

Erin said...

Oh I have a new blog address.

How is hubby feeling today? How are you feeling?

Jan said...

Ah -- hope everyone gets feeling better quickly! It's so hard to deal with on every level.

The Gatherum Family said...

sounds like the flu (influenza) to me...I've had the same thing happen and my husband felt horrible:) Glad that he's doing better.