Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ok, so I sort of fell of the NaBloPoMo wagon

Last Friday night, I fell asleep watching a basketball game. I completely forgot to post. And somehow, skipping one post, made me realize how burnt out with posting I had become. So, I decided to boycott the whole rest of the month. Here's a quick recap of what I should have posted (why is this underlined???): I had planned to do an entire post of the process I went through making my homemade pumpkin pie from scratch - yes, I used a real pumpkin. I also ground my own fresh nutmeg and ginger, and used all organic ingredients. I mixed them all in the blender, and it really didn't take much longer than it would have to use that disgusting canned crap (that isn't all really pumpkin). And I was really proud of my domestic abilities!
I know this is a horrible picture, but G insisted that we put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, she woke up at about 2am that night freaking out that we hadn't done our tree yet. So, first thing Friday morning, the girls did the tree while daddy was at work. What a nice suprise - Daddy HATES to do the tree. G was a very good helper, and Bryn kept taking the star ornaments off so she could carry them around singing "twinkle little star". I'm still finding ramdom stars all over the house.
The girls had a blast enjoying my domestic abilities. This picture is out of order, but it shows the girls enjoying the remnants of the organic chocolate pie we made. Yummy!
Bryn has decided that she likes to bath with her clothes on. I'm not sure where Daddy was, but he walked in to find her inside the tub with her clothes completely on. I undressed her in the tub, only to find that she also had a dirty diaper. Yuck. Needless to say, we ran a second bath that night. (and this was a different night from the one where Bryn pooped all over Daddy's pillow after the bath)
Out of order again, but doesn't this pie look divine? Pumpkin pie is seriously one of the world's most perfect foods - especially from scratch. Yummy. I had to leave it at my mom's house so that I didn't eat all the left overs in one day.

Maybe I'll be back tomorrow to post pics of the snow day we had today, and of the world's ugliest snowman in our front yard. The poor thing seriously looks like a giant penis sculpture.


The Gatherum Family said...

We have a snowman that kinda looks like one of those as well! Glad you are back. I was worried something was wrong. Your pie looks DELICIOUS!!

Jan said...

OK, I'm still laughing at the thought of the penis sculpture in your yard! Wish I could come see it! hee hee! And you are THE woman -- pumpkin pies from scratch? Amazing. Last thought - -your kids are beautiful!