Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mister Sandman . . .

I don’t think that I truly appreciated sleep until I became a parent. Back when I was “without child” I could sleep-in whenever I wanted, and staying up late was no big deal. Sadly, those sleep-filled days are gone, and I fear I’m in such a sleep deficit that I’ll never recover.

Last night I stayed up way too late. But, I had so much to do. After the girls were in bed I ran for an hour (trying to make up for all the toffee I ate at work yesterday, and I had the season finale of Dexter to watch from the DVR). By the time I got upstairs from the “dreadmill” and hit the shower, it was almost 9:30. I wanted to work on finishing the beaded bracelets for my coworkers, but Ben wanted to hang out with me too. Needless to say, I didn’t get to bed until 11pm, and I had to be up for work at 5am.

Unfortunately the girls didn’t care that their mommy was tired. In the 6 hours I had to sleep, they were up 5 times. I had barely laid down when Bryn started crying. I went into her room, where she was crying “owie, owie”. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me, “Binny need a kiss, right here” and pointed to her forehead. I kissed her, and fortunately she laid right down and was quiet – for another 90 minutes. She woke 2 more times in the night – both times asking for milk (we’d eaten Café Rio for dinner, and she ate over ½ of my salad – and I’m always thirsty after eating that). G was up twice herself – once for milk and once because she said she was finished sleeping. I’m afraid I lost my patience with her that second time. I know I only had about an hour more of sleep, and I wanted every minute of it. I threatened her that Santa would be called if she didn’t go back to sleep. Luckily that did the trick.

But mommy is dragging today. Its insanely slow at work today (obviously slow enough to post a blog entry), and I’m struggling to keep myself from napping on the couch in the breakroom.

Its been a busy week. On Tuesday the girls had their daycare Christmas concert. G was super excited, and was so cute. She belted out every word to every song with a smile on her face (unfortunately I forgot my camera) – it was a big change from last where, where she just stood there stone-faced. Bryn wanted to be a part of the action too. She went up to the front and stood by her sister for a few minutes. But then she got bored – she wandered around jabbering to random people in the audience, and even asked a few of them to hold her. Then she tired of that, and decided to beat up the inflatable snowman in the corner of the room. She ended up knocking him to the ground (of course that would be my child). After the concert, Santa came. G excitedly sat on his lap and asked for a baby (we’re hoping this is a doll, and not an actual baby). Bryn was scared of Santa, and preferred to try and steal his candy canes.

And to add to the disjointed nature of this post, I wanted to add something else completely unrelated to the title. It does however relate back to a post from a few days ago, where I was complaining about my neighborhood. As it turns out, I may not be crazy – I think people may be snubbing us. Ben’s coworker also lives in our neighborhood, but on another street. We sat with them at the work Christmas party the other night, and now they feel more comfortable with us. He asked Ben yesterday at work how we like living where we do. Ben was honest, and said that we were so unhappy that we had considered putting our house up for sale. His coworker admitted to Ben that when they moved in, they were warned to stay away from the “Wildcat Court Clique” (we live on Wildcat Court). Apparently people at church think everyone who lives on Wildcat is a snob and won’t associate with them. I feel like I’m back in junior high school – how petty can adults be? At least I know I’m not crazy – but I still do want to move.


Anne Marie said...

Hi Christie,
Of course you can add me! I'm always so excited to get new blogging friends. I can totally relate to the lack of sleep thing. Even when the baby sleeps well, the boys are up all night worried about rattlesnakes under their beds or something. It's so frustrating. Hey, if you guys are thinking of moving... we love our new neighborhood. We've been in for almost a year now and it has been really great. We would love to have you as neighbors!

Julia said...

Hey there. I didn't know you and Anne Marie were neighbors! Isn't the internet wonderful?

That stinks about your cliquey neighborhood. Ours isn't so bad but really everyone keeps to themselves almost completely. I haven't seen anyone since the snow fell. Most of our neighbors aren't LDS so we don't see them on those rare times we actually make it to church! Still I miss seeing everyone walking their dogs.

Oh and the sleep thing. Don't I wish! And I only have one!

Christensen Family said...

Christie....I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, but I was talking to Anne Marie tonight....and she told me she found your blog!! I had to look, 'cause I'm addicted to blogging. hee hee ...I was just asking Jason about you guys the other day 'cause I wanted to send you a Christmas card. I saw Ben when he was playing softball with Jason last summer/fall. He said you guys were doing great....and we were going to plan a night out to dinner, but then you know how that goes!! :o) Anyway, I'm making a super long comment....and I'm sorry, but I was so excited to see the cute picture of your family. Your girls are absolutely darling. I can't believe how much Grace has grown up.... Your blog is great, too!! You have such a "smart blog", where mine is about what sporting event we're going to, or what I put on Bella. ha ha (Seriously....) Say hi to Ben....and I hope you guys are having a good Christmas!!
Love, Carrie

Jess T said...

Yes, sleep. How I miss the sleeping in, but at least we get to sleep through most nights...for a few more weeks.

Lynita said...

What is sleep? I have forgotten that such a thing existed! Seriously I was just missing the good ol' days when we could sleep in on Saturdays and Sunday naps, man you never know how good you've got it till it's gone!