Monday, May 19, 2008

Pet peeves part 2

I know I’m at risk of being labeled as a complainer. High-maintenance. A diva even. But I don’t care. There are some seriously annoying things going on out there that just have to stop! I’m doing my part: blogging about them of course, in the hopes that the offenders will read my post and change their ways accordingly. So, without further ado, my pet peeve list, part 2:

Cigarette butts – I’ve often wondered what it is about cigarettes that make people think its ok to litter them. Is it the fact that they are on fire or something? I swear that 67% of the actual litter in the world (not weight or volume, but strictly being measured by pieces of trash) are cigarette butts. And yes, I did pull that number from the air, but I think y’all get my point. People! Quit throwing your used cigarettes out of your car windows! I may be wrong, but I think cars still come with ash trays. Use them!

**Edited to add: apparently cars no longer have ash trays in them as stock. I do know that you can get them though, because I've rented cars with them installed. At any rate, that still is no excuse for throwing cigratte butts onto the ground. Its littering peeps!

Fast-talking voicemail messages – Its not uncommon for me to check my voicemail at work and have 10+ messages to return. Nothing bugs me more than having to listen to a message numerous times to try and decipher the phone number, the person’s name, etc. Oh – and you would not believe the number of times people leave a message, but then leave out important information like their name or call-back number. Seriously peeps – speak slowly and repeat name and number if you want a call back.

The price of gas – Ok – I know that the price of oil is over $100 something a barrel – but I still think that gas companies are raping and pillaging the American public. I may be naïve, but it doesn’t seem to me that the price of gas has risen proportionately with the price of oil. Its killing me to spend $60+ every WEEK to fill up my car.

Sinus infections – every spring I get a sinus infection. I blame seasonal allergies caused by global warming (Ok – maybe just the allergies part). But I woke up yesterday morning with a swollen lump of infection in the roof of my mouth. If I apply pressure with my tongue, I feel it in my eye. I’m thinking that I may have to break down and head to the doctor in a day or two if I’m not feeling better.

Grouchy people – Its ok to be in a bad mood – you just don’t need to make everyone else in a bad mood as well. I’m so sick of grouchy rude people who are hell-bent on making everyone else in a bad mood as well. Lighten up people! (of course I don’t fall into this category)

That’s all for now.


Julia said...

Sadly, I'm a very grouchy person pretty much all the time.

I agree with you on the price of gas and the cig butts though.

I deleted my DC post because I just in such a bad mood when I posted it (refer to grouchy person comment) and we were watching Princess Bride. I don't think I explained what I was going for well enough.

And I think it is just fine that you think he is hot etc. Everyone at my work does too. I'm just the odd one out that doesn't. I have this thing though...I like to hate certain people. It is a bad habit and probably not good for my soul.

Anonymous said...

Unless your driving a car from the mid 90's they do not come with ash trays anymore

Heather Keele said...

I hear you! Gas prices suck! When we got our car back in 2004, it cost like 25-ish bucks to fill it - this last time it cost 46. Blah!!

I also agree about the cigarette butts - I especially hate it when people chuck it out the window on the road and all these bits of burning cigarette stuff fly all over your car. It can't be good, plus it just seems inconsiderate. Stop smoking already people!!!

I want to tell you THANK YOU! for helpful tips with flying. I didn't know you could take the stroller to the gate - I was wondering if I'd have to check my stroller at the counter. What a relief! Thanks again - you helped a ton!!!

Tiburon said...

Gas prices suck! My friend in Cali said they are over $4 a gallon there!

When I was a smoker (bad Tib!) I ALWAYS threw my butts out the window - mostly because if you keep them in your asktray they make the car smell SUPER bad as opposed to only MILDLY bad if you smoke and dump the butt. :)

Kristina said...

Okay. If you live in the US you probably have the cheapest gas in the WORLD. (Probably. I haven't verified this)

I live in Alberta, where we have oil and MAKE the damn gasoline and it costs almost $5 per gallon here. So you have very little to complain about.

Although neither do I... we moved closer to where we work, and I can take public transit. So I'm only paying $70 per month for gas. Yay!!

But then I actually think rising gas prices are a good thing. I may have to write about that at some point...

But I totally agree with the cigarette butts - I did a river clean up here a couple of weeks ago and that was, by far, most of the garbage. Not the greatest in weight or volume... but sheer numbers it was the most. I don't know why people can put that crap in the garbage. Smoking doesn't give you a license to litter!

Mindi said...

the only thing worse than fast talking answering machine messages are the ones that take FOREVER!!!

our pest control man is notorious for his ramblings--we timed one message about 6 months ago and it was (no lie here) 4 minutes long!!

Chelsea said...

Ooh, good list. I totally agree, especially about grouchy people.

Kristina's right about gas prices. We've had artificially low cost gasoline for years. Now it's starting to be more in line with the rest of the world. That doesn't mean we have to be happy about it though!

Gina said...

Good list...a agree with the grouchy mean people. OOOHHH they make me so mad!! Gas sucks right now and I find myself staying home (but then again that is saving me money because I'm not shopping). Because of gas it was cheaper for us to fly to Utah this summer instead of driving...crazy!! And cigarette butts are gross!!

Julia said...

Hey there. No need for sorries. I didn't think you had anything pointed my direction. I was just thinking about how I'm grumpy all the time. :) Nothing personal either way. Just love the comment about "looking on the bright side" Jeff is so like that...."I'm so happy all the time...why can't you be?"

And yes, I was hoping for laughs...

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I feel so guilty that I ride the metro, strangely. Everyone else is feeling this awful fuel pinch and I get paid to take the public transit in DC! I have been car free for over two years. It is bliss, but I miss home (Tacoma, WA) sniff sniff.

I will pay for a tank of the stuff this week at home. Road trip!

carrie said...

I love your posts... I agree with the GAS prices. Yikes... It costs us so much to drive our car around, but what do you do?? As for the grouchy, mean people...I feel like one of those people lately. :o) Maybe I should post about some of MY pet peeves. Maybe that would make me feel a lot better. ha ha

pithydithy said...

My hubby shares your cigarette butt peeve. Well, so do I, actually, but to the same degree. He is so bad that if he sees someone toss a butt out the car window at a stop light, he will get out of his car, pick it up, and wave it pointedly at them before taking it to our car to throw away (eeeewww! I find this to be very gross, btw.) Once he did this at the woman who had tossed the butt literally screamed in terror at the man barging towards her car, even though all he did was pick up the butt.

Anyway, I'm all about the ideal, but I sure wish my husband would stop terrifying litterers at stoplights.

Omgirl said...

I have often thought that about cigarette butts too. Littering is littering. Being a smoker doesn't give you a license to litter.

The only worse thing than a fast voice mail talker is a slow/long talker. I can't stand it when people leave their life story on my voice mail. Just say your name and number and, if you must, the topic you're calling about. And I'LL CALL YOU BACK and you can tell me it all then. (MOM, I'm talking about YOU.)