Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So, I dropped out . . .

. . . of the marathon that I was planning on running on Saturday.  I am beyond bummed.  Up until last month, I was running great and hoping to beat my last marathon time by a full hour (which isn't saying much, since my last time was painfully slow).  But even as I sit here, my foot is hurting, so I know I made the right decision.  My ultimate goal is to be a life-long runner, so in the whole "grand scheme of things" this was the right decision.  It still doesn't stop me from feeling like a failure.
Should I change the name of my blog now too?
Anyway - I did want to say a big, collective THANKS to all the great comments that I got yesterday in response to my daycare questions.  I actually have a resolution already:  we're staying at Miss O's.  When my hubby went yesterday to pick up the girls, he talked with Miss O for a long time.  He was very honest with her, that our current budget simply will not allow for that much of an increase.  She told him that she would rather have our kids there because she loves them and they're so easy to take care of - she said she'd rather have our kids at a lower rate, then new kids at a higher rate that may be more difficult.  So for now we will stay at the same rates.  I'm actually still on the waiting list at the commercial daycare anyway - I've been on the list for months and yesterday when I called to check my status, the owner thought she may have room for me.  But she didn't.  I did have her leave me on the list, and I suppose when she does call that she has room, I can think about moving the girls (which I still may do, because of the issue of school pick-up/drop-off).  They really do love Miss O's (and her daughter) and were very sad at the thought of leaving.
The issue of preschool is still unresolved, but I'm less worried about G.  She did have preschool last year, and I don't know that she needs it again.  She's very bright, and already ahead of the minimum requirements for kindergarden.  Besides (in my opinion) the biggest value of preschool for kids is to get them socialized and ready for the group setting of kindergarden.  My girls are way more social than they need to be already, and I don't worry one bit that they will have troubles in the group setting of kindergarden.  I also work with them almost every day on both reading and math skills.  Maybe I can send Bryn next year when G is in kindergarden.
Ah - as if this wasn't the most jumbled blog post ever - my office flooded this week.  We came into work yesterday to find that the ceiling had collapsed into our offices, and there was quite a bit of standing water on the floor.  Coincidentially, this is the third such flood in my office in 3 years.  Yes, the buidling is old and in need of serious disrepair, but several of my coworkers think that the ghost of Don is reaking havoc.  Seriously though - what are the odds of 3 floods in 3 years, all from difference causes.  It is a bit strange.
The smell in here is awful, and it is horrible for my allergies.  I am so tempted to take the rest of the day off, dope myself with Benedryl, and sleep the afternoon away.  Doesn't that sound better than sneezing every 90 seconds and trying to resist the urge to scratch my face!


Lynita said...

I say go home and sleep it off! I am glad that you came to a good resolution with daycare, Miss O sounds super nice. I think that your blog should keep it's name, because you are not just running "marathon's". Much of what you write about is running the marathon of life, which is way more challenging/rewarding than a good run! Your blog is one of my favs, I check it every day!

Julia said...

I'm sorry you had to drop out. I know that disappointment because I had to do it a few years ago with St. George too. You are right though, you need to take care of yourself now so you CAN keep running. Don't get too down about it. I don't think you should change the title of your blog either.

That's great that Miss O is willing to work with you guys. I'm sure you are making the right decision.

And yeah a flooded office sounds like a good reason to "work" at home.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I am sorry you had to drop out, too. I know that it was not an easy decision but taking care of yourself will mean more running down the road. No worries!

Sorry about the allergies, boo! Hang in there...

Mindi said...

sorry 'bout the marathon, but glad you are gonna make it!

i just read about the daycare--sorry i'm late to chip in my 5 cents but it looks like you got it COVERED.

janae said...

You are right that it was the right decision not to do the marathon this time. There will be other times and there is no sense in getting injured. Glad things worked out at daycare and good luck with Don the ghost.

Holly said...

Yuck! Floods stink! Our basement room flooded a few months back and it was so stinky!

I would totally do what you did. We would have had to leave that daycare too if there was that much of an increase.

You are a good mom. AND its ok that you dropped out of one marathon. Its obviously your passion and your not just punkin out. Good for you I am so jealous. Where do you find the time

Tiburon said...

I am sorry about the marathon - I bet it has to be killing you :(

Take care of that foot!