Thursday, September 04, 2008

The many colors of G

I know . . . first post in over a week, and again I have over 100 unread posts taunting me on reader. And somehow I still can't get into the blogging "groove" (not sure what that even means). Life has to slow down soon, right? My sister and brother-in-law who have been living in my basement since April are moving out this weekend, so that will definitely make life more simple. And the marathon I've been training for is next weekend (YIKES!!) and I'm still not sure if I'm even going to run it. I've got something wrong with my foot, and I've not run much in the past month. I worry I'm injured and under trained, and don't know if running a race is the wisest thing. But of course I'm a chronic overachiever, and hate the thought of quitting anything. So, I'm still undecided.

I thought though, that maybe I should do a post dedicated to my sweet Gracelin. I haven't talked much about my kids lately. But they're growing and changing quickly, and I need to document things before I forget.

If there was one word to describe G, it would be DIVA.

She is so grown up, and already into fashion and boys - its difficult to believe she's only 4 years old. The other day I took her clothes shopping, and she told me that she wanted to buy something that made her look like a teenager. She loves make-up, cute hair, and her clothes have to always be (in her words) fashionable. And the girl knows how to accessorize. Some people (like me for example) are always the fashion victim - but she can dress well and pull it off. Yes - she is a diva extraordinaire.

She's also a Daddy's girl - especially lately. She just loves Daddy the best. The other night, I was trying to explain to her that Mommy loves her too, no matter what. Her response to me was "I don't know why Heavenly Father made me this way, but I just love Daddy more." Its all good though - I know she loves me too, and I'm glad she has a good relationship with her Dad.

While she's definitely a "girly" girl, she is also very sweet and kind. She's such a well-behaved child. Rarely do I even have to get after her - she knows what is right and she does it.

She is an excellent sister, and loves Bryn so much. They play so well together, and G is so very patient with her strong-willed little sissy.

She's also my friend. I can talk with her about things, and she really understands and cares. I also have a life-long shopping buddy, and for that I'm very happy :)
G is also very smart. She loves to add and subtract, and will sit in her car seat doing her own math problems. I love it when she'll proudly exclaim that "5 plus 2 is 7." She can write her name, and actually can write all her letters now - most are actually legible too! She also draws and colors exceptionally well, and is so proud of herself for being able to stay inside the lines.

Somehow, she's also very athletic and coordinated (this did NOT come from her mommy).

I love her so much, and I'm lucky to be her mom.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a sweet post on your little girl!! She is so funny! What a diva indeed. :) Sounds like you are going to have your hands full when your girls are teenagers! :)

If you decide to do the run, I will be cheering you on from DC! :)

Tiburon said...

Awww what a sweet tribute to G! She is a cutie patootie! Good luck with the decision to run. I know exactly what you mean!

janae said...

Christie, she is just beautiful. She is really growing up fast.

Lynita said...

I should probably dedicate a post to each of my kids, what a great idea. I think I find myself complaining too much about them lately, pregnancy makes me so cranky! I love the pictures here too, the Diva one is awesome. She is so gorgeous and of course with all of the attributes she has, you had better watch out, she will have all of the guys after her!

Omgirl said...

I can definitely relate to being chopped liver when Daddy is around. It's sweet to see little girls and their daddies, but kind of sad to play second fiddle all the time, huh?

Witz End said...

She is so beautiful. she looks just the way I would have imagined you looking at that age. Aren't girls just so much fun?