Thursday, August 16, 2007

I got tagged

I've been tagged by Chelsea, so I suppose I'm it!
Jobs I've had:
-picking raspberries at some farm where there were lots of chiggers
-McDonald's worker
-Sylvan Learning Center
-Red Giraffe Video
-Youthland Academy
-McDonald's again
-MTC cafeteria - started in the dish room, worked up to lunch supervisor
-Marketing Ally - started as a phone grunt, worked my way up to supervisor and quality control auditor
-Planning intern with Provo City
-Planner with Lehi City

Movies I never get sick of:

-Dumb and Dumber (on my list too Chelsea)
-Pretty Woman
-The War
-Barbie as Rapunzel

Places I've called home:
-Hammond, Indiana
-Bettendorf, Iowa
-Sandy,  Utah
-Villa Hills, Kentucky
-Fairfield, Ohio
-Provo, Utah
-Sandy, Utah
-Salt Lake City, Utah
-Sandy, Utah another time
-Lehi, Utah
-Sandy again
-Herriman, Utah

Favorite TV shows:

-The Office
-Man Vs. Wild
-Men in Trees
-Forensic files
-The Soup
(sounds like I'm a couch potato.  I DVR shows and watch them while I run)

Favorite Vacation Spots:
-Grand Cayman

Favorite Websites:

-Olive Branch Baby
-Venus Sisterhood

Places I'd rather be:
-the treadmill
-the day spa
Now, I'm tagging:


Chelsea said...

I love Man vs Wild too! I was so disappointed to find out some of it was faked. I'll still watch though, cause he's hot. :)

pithydithy said...

So, this evening Mr. Pithy was apparently reading the comments in my blog, because he came to me and asked "why don't you like Christie anymore?" Being my usual articulate self, I just said "huh?" and came to read too. Somehow your comment in response to my "Come out" post never came through to my mail, where I usually read them. So here I am in your blog (maybe not the right place) to say hi! And to offer a big apology. I know that your comment was tongue-in-cheek (I hope it was! Because of course I still like you!) I've been such a terrible blog friend and haven't been commenting and I feel very bad about it. No more excuses from me about how hectic life with a babe is. That's getting easier and I just feel like a generally crappy person for being a bad internet friend to someone who's one of my oldest internet friends. So....sorry!!!!!!! And I hope that you'll still like me. :-)