Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Explaining life to a 3 year old

Gracelin is very curious.  This weekend while shopping, I got her a tee shirt at Old Navy that simply says down the front:
When I saw that shirt, I had to buy it.  Its her to a "T" (pun intended).  She is so curious and is constantly asking questions.  I have to remind myself that being curious is a sign of intelligence, lest her constant barrage of questions would drive me batty.
Sometimes the questions can get pretty difficult to answer.  I don't ever want to lie to her, but sometimes a 3 year old doesn't need to know the whole answer.  For example, just last night she was playing in a drawer in my bathroom while I ran the girls' bath, and she pulled out a box of panty liners.  Before I could stop her, she had one out of the box, and was saying something to me about wishing she had a really big "ouchie" so she could use the giant bandaid she was holding.
I said to her that it is not a bandaid.  And then she wanted to know what it was.  I explained to her that it was a special thing called a panty liner that mommies sometimes needed to use.  I'm not sure what she thought it was after that, but luckily it stopped the questions - for a few minutes.
After bath, we were wrestling on the bed.  I hadn't shaved in a few days, and somehow while we were playing, she noticed.  Then she wanted to know why I had prickly black hairs in my armpit.  I told her that is what happens to girls when they get ready to be mommies - to which she responded by saying "oh, kinda like when they get boobies too?"
I said yes, and she seemed satisfied.  Then she started talking about what it will be like when she has a baby in her tummy.  She's such a funny girl.

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