Sunday, August 19, 2007

A day in the life

Ok - since I've been gone all weekend, I've finally had time to post my day in the life from Friday, as resquested from Tiburn ( ). This particular Friday also happened to be my 6th wedding anniversary, so it was a bit atypical. But, here goes. I started the day by sleeping in - all the way until 7am - when I was woken up by Gracelin. I usually try to get up and run before the girls wake, but since it was my anniversary I slept in. Friday is also my weigh-in for the Biggest Loser, so I made us a big breakfast of hash browns and pancakes. Carb loading - its my reward for being good all week.
Bryn thoroughly enjoyed her breakfast (of course she rarely meets a breakfast that she doesn't love). After breakfast, G wanted to do mani/pedis. She loves to have her nails done. Today she wanted her toes alternating with blue and pink, and her hands with red and silver. It didn't match very well, but she thought that she was gorgeous.
Then it was time to go outside for a bit of yard work. After the big flashflood 2 weeks ago, I was worried about my rock wall. So, we planted 3 flats of groundcover - in July. I have to water it every single day. Its starting to grow though. Maybe next year it will be filled in.
Friday is also gymnastics day. The girls love it - its definitely a highlight of the week. And don't they look so cute in their leotards. Gymnastics was great - Bryn is getting the hang of things. She loves to swing from the bar, and can lift her legs up and swing - all the while syaing "whee". She also loves the trampoline. G is really coordinanted, and also loves the bar and trampoline. The best part of gynmastics is that the girls come home super tired. After lunch, both girls sacked out. In fact, G only ate 2 bites of lunch before she was asking for sleep.
The best part of long naps, is that it gives me a time to get things done. I did 3 loads of laundry and packed for the weekend. I also cooked dinner (baked tortillini, bread, and ceasar salad) for a neighbor who just had a baby. After naps and packing, we dropped the girls at grandma's and Ben and I went up to Midway for our anniversary weekend. Midway is the cutest little town, originally settled by the Swiss, and the architecture still reflects it. After we checked in, we went into Park City for a bit of shopping at the outlets, and a delicious dinner at Loco Lizard. I totally cheated on my diet, and enjoyed every second of it.
It was a great day!

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Tiburon said...

Thanks for playing!! It looks like a fun day! I am glad you and Ben had a nice weekend in Midway too :)