Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gracelin's first dance class

Yesterday was Gracelin's first dance class. She's 3, and already the dance world is political. She's been asking for months to take a dance class, and I've been trying to find a class that she can take - since I work until 6pm that can be a bit tricky. Finally last week, I found a class that starts at 6, which means I have to leave work a bit early. But I can manage it. And, as an added bonus, the class is really close to our house. But, I really want her in the 6-7 pm class, and in order to get her into that class she has to go for a month to a 5-6 pm class instead. So, for the next month, I need to leave work 2 hours early on Mondays to get her to dance class on time - which I think I can swing. (every time I consider getting a new job, I think about how flexible this one is and I just cannot do it)

Yesterday we showed up a little early to register her for class. Gracelin was so excited that she ran over and was peeking into the windows as I got Bryn out of the car. Inside was a bit strange - there was a small waiting room with lots of cubbies, and then 3 locked doors. I could hear that dance classes were going on inside, but the doors were totally locked. I did think that was strange, but the other mother there waiting didn't seem to mind to I dismissed it. Pretty quickly, the small waiting room filled up with mothers and cute little girls in pink tutus. G was the only girl in black, and she looked adorable.

Finally, the doors opened, and a group of teenage girls came out. It was finally time for G's class to begin. She eagerly ran in, and didn't look back. I was worried she'd be a bit scared, since they don't let the moms in to watch, but she didn't even care. Poor Bryn wanted to dance too. She kept saying "I dance, I dance" and when she realized that only G got to go, she laid on the floor, arched her back, and wailed. It would have been really funny if it hadn't been so pathetic.

Since I couldn't go in and watch, Bryn and I walked next door to the library. She had fun there with just mommy. There was another mom there too with a girl in G's dance class, and we chatted a bit. Unfortunately Bryn got antsy quick. She's become quite a handful. My theory is that she is so smart that she gets bored quickly. And she is smart. 2 nights ago when Ben was bathing her, he got her out of the tub. Immediately she squatted and pooped on the floor. She stood up, said "scusey" (excuse me) and walked away - but I digress - that is a story for another post.

Finally, the hour was up. Bryn and I walked back to the studio, and peeked in at the dance class. G was sitting on the floor in a circle with the other kids, who all seemed to be paying attention. G however, was spinning on the floor, pulling off her skirt, and sticking out her tongue. Then she saw me watching, so she got up and ran over to the window. I ducked away, because I really wanted her to pay attention. We waited a few more minutes until the other parents were going in.

We got there as the girls were getting lollipops for being good dancers. Again Bryn started crying "I dance, I dance" and then she say the candy - and chaos ensued. She got so pissed of that she couldn't have a lollipop. She held her breath until she turned purple, and then wailed and wailed. She cried all the way to the car. She arched her back when I tried to strap her in. She almost puked on herself when I went to strap G in. It was the worst tantrum she's ever had, and so embarrassing. I think next week I'm going to bring her a sucker to eat while G has hers.

And through all of this, I felt sorry for G. I just wanted to hear from her how dance class went. By the time Bryn calmed down all I could get out of G was that she didn't do anything, didn't get to spin, and she learned nothing.


We are sticking with this for a few more weeks. I want her to give it a fair chance. But if she really is bored and not liking it, then maybe I can get her into soccer. She loves her gymnastics class, and it is very high energy.

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Tiburon said...

I can't believe they wouldn't just give Bryn a sucker! They do stickers and suckers after Avery's gymnastics class and the coach ALWAYS includes Lulu!

Hopefully she will hang in there and love dancing....but soccer is fun too!!