Thursday, August 16, 2007

Feeling unmotivated

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their great comments.  We did come to a decision.  On Tuesday, we went to IKEA as a family and got G her new bed.  (mommy put it together all by herself last night while daddy was at softball)  Then, Ben went and got the coveted xBox 360.  He did however sell off 4 of his other game systems that just sit unused all of the time.
Anyway - back to the topic of the day:  my motivation level.
I've really been dragging the past couple of weeks, and my running has suffered.  I feel like I'm practically dragging myself to the treadmill.  My legs feel like lead and I just don't want to run.  I've started cheating a bit on my long runs too, which is the worst thing I could do.  Its one thing to cheat on a short run, and only do 2.5 when I've got 3 on the schedule.  But to only run 10 when I've got 14 to run is a big difference.
I haven't had as much energy either, and I think I'm walking more than I should.  But I just can't seem to make myself get back into LOVING running like I have been.
Its enough that I'm questioning the marathon.  I know that I'm going to barely finish.  In fact, 6 hours is my goal.  I'll probably embarrass myself by coming in last place or something horrid like that. 
What the heck is wrong with me?  And how do I get my motivation back?


The Rose Family said...

Hey girl! Don't worry about the marathon. I was worried that I'd be last place in my first one too, but the energy of a marathon is out of this world-- everyone is pumped and there are people cheering along the route to help keep you going. Some people walked the whole thing-- you won't be last. As for long runs, I try to give myself something to look forward to on each long run-- like a new mix on my MP3 player or a new set of shorts or something to make me a little excited for the run. Also, I found that if I don't hydrate enough, I totally lose my energy and have a really hard time going strong. Just some thoughts-- you're going to do great! I know it!!! (Sorry about all the exclamation points!!)

Jess T said...

Last place?? Big deal! To just do it is great! Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Maybe your body is telling you to take it easy for a bit.

Best wishes! I know you'll do better than you think. If you do finish last, it would still be better than those that didn't run the race.

Know what I mean?!

Kristina said...

I'm with Jess- FINISHING a full marathon is worthy of celebration wherever you happen to place.

If you're feeling a little unmotivated now- take a night off. Do something you love, go to bed early, get some rest, eat something you usually don't let yourself. Just a small indulgence- see if that gets you fighting again.

Good Luck, Christie- you CAN do it!! TTYL

Tiburon said...

Christie I only run when I am chased so I have no advice - but I think you will fall madly in love with kickboxing tonight. :)

It has given me the oomph I needed to enjoy hitting the gym everyday - hopefully it will relight your fire!

Christie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you girls! I went on my lunch break today and got some body glide, little pads to put in my shoes and help my suspected neuroma feel better, some Clif energy chews, and a brand new jog bra. I'm so excited to run on Saturday now. Ben's going golfing in the morning, and I'm going to run the whole time he's gone!

Oh, and Tib - I'm so excited for the kick boxing class tonight. I get to wear gloves? I didn't wear them in my last kick boxing class. Am I going to look like the newbie?

Elizabeth S TLOL said...

I was going to say to just keep on running. Sometimes I hit slumps too and I have learned that the more I push through, the less I hit a slump! I too am chomping at the bit to get an outside run in soon. I got one in and then switched it up this week and did a biking/elliptical workout and then today didn't feel so good, so I took a break. Tomorrow is busy...but I am hoping for a free window! Anyway....hang in there and hope that you enjoy your run on Saturday.

PS....I admire you.....14 miles sounds way too daunting for me. Competition literally makes me sick and the thought of having that hanging over my head would cause me to self sabotage myself! I'd consider a mini first, but're doing a whole one!!

Tom said...

Hope you had a turnaround with your 14 mile run.

Good luck preparing for your marathon, which should be a fabulous experience.