Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A little bit of this and that

So, I continue to be an inconsistent blogger.  I have yet to blog about California, and now I have another weekend trip to talk about.  And there was so much excitement in the last couple of weeks with my job and hubby's job. . . where to begin.
Maybe with the job stuff:  About a month ago, I got a letter from a local municipality notifying me of a job opening.  I really think they just sent it to most other municipal employees in the state, but I still felt honored.  It is one of my favorite places in the state - and although its 4 hours away, and in the middle of nowhere, it would be the perfect job.  Not only was the position for the director (and I so want to be the boss), its a wonderful resort town in the middle of the desert, and they are very progressive.  Naturally I applied.
I got called back for an interview, but they were all taking place the week we were in California.  So, I did a phone interview.  Only I forgot they were calling that day, and I interviewed while helping DH navigate to Disneyland.  I was very distracted.  I honestly didn't think I interviewed well - I knew I didn't completely bomb, but I could have done better.  Naturally, I was shocked when they called me back the next week, saying I had made the top 3.  They wanted me to come down and interview in person.  Since I was already planning a trip to said city for Memorial Day weekend, I asked if I could meet with them while I was down there.
In the mean time . . . DH has been wanting to get on with a company his friend works for.  Its a small, real estate investment company and hold lots of potential.  His friend called the week of our California vacation to offer him a position.  We deliberated - his position has more potential for income.  It would mean I could (hopefully) stay home with the girls in 2 years time - and we wouldn't have to move.  My position would mean that DH quits his current job, and risks not finding something to replace his income.  I may be able to make enough for him to SAH, but its a gamble.  Besides, logically we should be focusing on Dh's career and not mine - right?  But oh, how I wanted that job.
It was quite a crazy week for us.  But in the end, we decided that he would accept the offer he got.  I called my interviewers back and canceled the interview.  I didn't want to waste their time.  Nor did I want them to offer me the job, when I couldn't take it.
{{SIGH}}  I hope we made the right decision.
I did end up going down there for the weekend though.  I met my brother and his friend for some hiking.  We did manage a couple of fun hikes, which I will post later, and give a full trip report.  But I did want to mention about how sick I got while I was down there.
It was the first night too.  I had fallen asleep in the hotel waiting for them to arrive.  When there got there, we were all starving.  So we headed out for a bite to eat.  I ate a sinfully good italian dish that was full of cheese.  Then, we got ice cream too.  I'm not used to eating that way, so when I had a stomach ache that night I just assumed it was from my dinner.  But I continued to get sicker and sicker.  Until 3 days later I ended up at the ER.  They ran a bunch of tests, including a CT scan, and determined that I had an ovarian cyst.  I'm still not convinced that is the cause of my malaise, and I'm still not feeling better today.  6 days later.  Maybe I should call my doctor and get a second opinion.
I have felt too sick to run, and I'm worried if I don't feel better soon that it may affect my training.  I only have 17 weeks till marathon time, which may sound like an eternity, but it feels too soon.
Hmmm - this isn't quite the post I was hoping for.  I guess I rambled on and on, and never made my intended point.  And now I have to run to a meeting.  I'll still post this, and promise to be better next time.

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