Thursday, May 03, 2007

3 years old

I've been meaning to update about Gracelin's 3rd birthday all week - I wanted to attach pictures, which I can only do at home.  But, I just don't have time at home to sit and blog.  So, I'll attempt an update now, and hopefully attach pics later.
Gracelin at 3:
We decided to have her party on Saturday, although her birthday wasn't until Monday.  The day started with a benefit run that the whole family planned on doing.  The plan was for mommy and daddy to run the 5k (while daddy pushed the girls) and then for the girls to run in the kiddie races.  G had been talking about the race for 2 weeks - she'd watched mommy cross the finish line in a couple of other races, and couldn't wait for her turn to run.  We'd even gone to the park a couple of times an practiced.  On the day of the race, G was so excited.  She had me pin on her bib, and wanted to immediately run.  But she had to wait.  By the time the 5k was over, G no longer wanted to run.  She kept crying and saying that she wanted to go home.  It really wasn't like her, but we assumed she had slept poorly (which she had) and was maybe a bit overexcited for the pending activities of the day.  So, her sister ran and then we went home.
After a nap and some Motrin, she was a new girl.  Daddy and I had bought her a new bike with training wheels - which somehow she had found in the garage earlier in the week.  I was very disappointed, because I wanted to suprise her.  She was so excited about it, so I just let her ride it before her party.  Peddling was a bit difficult for her, and she kept getting nervous and hitting the brakes.  But, it was a successful gift.
4:00 PM hit, and the first wave of party guests started arriving.  From 4-5, we planned a small party with some of the kids from the neighborhood.  There are several little kids around her age, so we invited them over to decorate cup cakes and do a pinata.  The cup cakes were a huge success, and other than an extremely messy kitchen afterwards, the activity went off without a hitch.  As the kids finished their cupcakes, they went outside to eat them and play in a "tent city" Ben erected in the backyard.  The kids had a blast playing in the tents. 
Once the cupcake aftermath had cleared, we hung up the pinata.  G had helped me stuff it the day before, and couldn't wait to "hit the kitty with a big stick".  We let G go first, and all the other kids lined up behind her.  Several other girls went after, and they all hit the pinata like girls.  But then one of the little boys got up.  He planted his feet, squared his shoulders, and knocked the crap out of the pinata.  Even at 3 years old, the difference between boys and girls was obvious.
About 5pm, the neighborhood kids went home, and round 2 of the party started.  We had our family over for a bbq.  G has several cousins within just a couple months age difference, so she had fun playing with the kids.  It was a very nice party.  After dinner and presents, we cut the cake.  About half way through, G suddenly had a melt-down.  I picked her up, and realized that she had a fever.  I took her temp, and it was 104.  Poor girl was sick on her birthday.
Anyway, I suppose I should talk about what G is like right now.  She is such an intelligent and vivacious little girl.  Right now her favorite things are dolls and books.  She's such a cute little mommy to her dolls, and I love to listen to her playing "pretend" with them.  Her ability to speak and communicate continues to amaze me - she's still way ahead verbally.  She loves to sing, and can actually carry a recognizable tune.  She's also a "fashionista" and loves clothes - especially anything that makes her feel like a princess (ie.  pink dresses).  Her memory is amazing too - she can remember things from months ago.  She's also very physical, and loves going to the park, running, and being in the mountains.  She's recently gone hiking and rock climbing, and attacked both activities fearlessly.  Among all her favorite things, is her sister Bryn.  She loves Bryn so much, and is very helpful with her.  I've watched my girls, and they are so loving to each other.  Its rare that they fight, and I don't think I've ever seen them physically hurt each other.  I love my sweet girl, and feel so blessed to have her as my daughter.

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