Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sleeping Beauty and Stinkerbell

My girls love the Disney princesses.  I'm not sure where it came from either.  (Maybe their daddy?)  Because it surely wasn't their mommy.  I've never been the princessy type.  I've been "grunge" and "mod" and "alternative" and "crunchy" but surely never the a princess.  I tried too hard to be a non-conformist and low-maintenance to like all that stupid Disney stuff.  But my girls somehow L-O-V-E them some princesses.  Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, etc - and it really was Daddy who bought the movies.
On Sunday, after our church service, we headed home for a much-needed nap.  I got the girls down, and then crashed myself.  After only an hour (too short for a Sunday nap) I was awakened by a cheerful G sitting next to me in my bed.
G:  Mommy, I'm just like Sleeping Beauty
Me:  (very groggy)  How's that?
G:  I sleeped for a really long time and then I waked up but no one had to kiss me I just waked up all by myself without being kissed.  Let's go kiss daddy to wake him up too.
So that's where the story of the Sleeping Beauty label came from.  Now for the "stinkerbell" story, but first a bit of background.
Daddy bought G a new package of Tinkerbell undies on Saturday.  He took her to the store while I was at a baby shower.  Daddies should not be allowed to take their princesses to the store alone, because they simply cannot resist buying them what they ask for.  At least our strange child covets things like new panties over candy and junky toys.  
G loves those panties, and I've had to wash them at night, so she can wear the clean pair in the morning.  Then somehow it became really funny to them to say "don't tinkle in your Tinkerbells".  And because Bryn does tinkle in her pants, she became Tinkerbell.  (all from the strange mind of a 3 year old)
But why the stinky part you ask?  Well, its because Bryn's behind stinks.  She could be called the "mystery farter" because she's great at passing those silent-but-deadlies that can clear out a room.  But I guess it really isn't a mystery, because we all know where it really comes from.  Its actually become quite comical.  Poor girl has a long life ahead of her I fear.

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