Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another daycare issue

Poor Bryn got hurt at daycare yesterday, and it was first thing in the morning too. I had barely dropped her off - and she was having a bad morning. She laid her head on the floor and cried as I left (something she rarely does), so I was already feeling terrible. When I drop the girls off at daycare at 6:50, there is usually only one lady there, and she's typically over ratio with my kids. I've never worried about it before, because I assumed someone else showed up at 7am. I found out yesterday that no one comes in until 7:30.
So when Bryn crawled through a hole in a broken gate, she had no idea - until my poor girl fell down the stairs, and hit the gate at the bottom. The worst part is that no one called me for 5 hours - until a new provider came in for the afternoon and thought I should have been called. These pictures are about 36 hours after the accident, and she already looks much better. She looked horrible the day of, and I probably would have taken her to be checked for a head injury had I been called immediately after.
Daycare has already fixed the broken gate, but I'm not sure they've fixed the issue with staffing. Maybe I need to do a spot check just a few minutes after I leave to make sure they have taken care of things.


Sara L said...

How scary.

I'm so glad she is okay.

Dena said...

Holy cow......poor baby. Does she go to a center, or in home daycare?? Hope she is on the mend, and that the problem has been corrected. What a little doll your Brynlee is:) Dena