Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm such a slacker

I was doing well with my blogging for awhile.  But for the past few weeks, I've really fallen off of the wagon.  I'm going to attempt a quick update about my diet/exercise program, and then save the update on the girls and G's 3rd birthday for another post (I want to attach pictures, so I'll have to do it at home).
Chase the Cookie 5k - April 14, 2007:
I ran my first 5k ever.  My brother and his friend came into town from Cincinnati, and convinced me to run it with them.  I didn't feel ready at all.  I've only been running since February, and at the time they talked me into the race, had only run a 3 mile distance once.  And my time was over 40 minutes.  My goal for the race was just to finish without walking, and to come in under 40 minutes.  I figured too, that since the course was relatively flat and the run was for the Girl Scouts, that it was the perfect environment for a novice.
I got to the park where the race began about 2 hours early.  It was freezing cold that morning, and on advice I found on some blog somewhere, I dressed lightly.  I ended up sitting in my car, waiting for my mom, brother, and HL to show up.  Once they got there, I sat in my mom's car with them.  Finally, people were starting to line up, so we jogged over to the start. 
Although the wind was cold, I warmed up very quickly and didn't notice the temp at all.  The race was an out-and-back, and I ran the first ? fairly well.  But the very end had a hill - since I mostly train on the treadmill, I don't run hills very well.  I ended up having to walk a bit.  But, I realized as I was heading back, that I was passing a lot of people.  Of course there were lots of walkers, but I felt really good about my placing in the race.
With about 0.5 miles to go, I started running out of energy, and again I walked a bit.  As I rounded the corner and could see the finish line, my pace picked up again.   With about 100 yards to go, a little boy standing on the sidelines shouted at me to run as hard as I could.  So I did.  As I crossed the finish line, I noticed my time was just over 36 minutes.  I came in over 4 minutes faster than projected pace.  Of course, I promptly threw up into the grass at the finish line.  But I felt really good. 
Official time:  36:10
Second 5k - Salt Lake City Marathon - April 21, 2007:
I had so much fun "chasing the cookie" (even though I tossed my cookies) that it didn't take much convincing from HL to sign up for the SLC Marathon 5k, even though it was a week later.  My mom decided to walk it, so we signed up together. 
I was amazed at how many more people there were at this race - literally 1000s.  I was glad it was chip-timed, because it took me over 2 minutes after the gun to even cross the starting line.  For the 1st ? mile or so, I was pretty much dodging walkers and jogging strollers.  But the pack eventually thinned out, and I found my rhythm.
Unfortunately, I learned a lesson; I learned not to experiment with my asthma medications the day of a race.  From about mile 1 - mile 2, I pretty much walked the whole time because I had an asthma attack.  I finally got things under control, and finished the last mile fairly strong.
It was so much fun to run in to the finish.  I was running in as the first 2 ? marathoners came in.  I was feeling strong, but they blew by me.  The crowd was amazing, and the excitement really spurred me along.  The clock read around 39 minutes, but I knew my chip time would be less.  And I didn't puke this time.
Official chip time:  37:57 (not too bad considering I almost died)
3rd 5k - April 28, 2007:
I guess the running bug has bit, because I signed up for a 3rd race the following week.  This race was a benefit run, for a family who lost their mother earlier this year.  I convinced my hubby to run, which meant we would have to push the girls in a jogging stroller.  (Luckily Dh offered)
The day was warm and sunny - gorgeous day.  And the turnout was around 1000 people - which was about 700 more than anticipated.  It was very crowded at the starting line.  We lined up towards the back because we had the girls in a stroller and didn't want to be in the way of people.  As we stood there, the race organizers spent 20 minutes thanking everyone who'd participated.  Bryn got antsy, which turned into mad, which turned into the mother-of-all-tantrums.  Poor girl was crying so hard that she puked all over herself.  We wheeled her over to the side to clean her up. 
Finally the race started, but we couldn't get Bryn back in the stroller.  She kept arching her back and screaming.  It probably took us over 2 minutes to cross the start line, and since this race was not chip-timed, I knew that I was running for fun, and not a PR.
It was a grueling 5k.  The first ? was very steep uphill, and it was about 75 degrees.  The sun was warm, and I was feeling it affect me.  At about 1 mile, we had to run up a very long, steep hill.  I ended up walking pretty much the entire hill.  But then the route leveled off, and eventually went back downhill (but, thankfully not as steeply as the uphill section).  I felt really strong for the second ? of the race.  I crossed the finish line at just over 35 minutes.  There was a line of people at the finish line, and of course I started late.  But I think it is safe to say this race was a PR - I just don't know what the time is.
I am planning to take a few weeks off of racing, and just focus on my training.  Right now, I'm running 3 days a week, and cross training 3 days a week.  My cross training consists of swimming on Tues/Thurs, and then usually hiking the other day.  I'm going to start mountain biking too, because I'm thinking I may want to try a triathalon sprint next year.
My brother and HL also convinced me to put in to run the St George Marathon in October.  Its a lottery, and I won't know if I'm in until next week, but I sat down last night and worked up a daily training schedule for the next 6 months.  I'm also considering a local ? in August.
One would think that all this physical activity would be making me super skinny and hot.  Truth is, I've maybe lost 8 pounds total.  But, I feel better and sexier than I have in a long time.  I think too, that much of the weight loss has come from giving up my diet coke addiction (day 26 and still going strong thankyouverymuch).  But its ok - I am loving things right now.


Megan said...

Great job!! You are making me so jealous, & itching for a good runners high (it's just not the same when you are 4 1/2 months pregnant.) The 1/2 marathon I had been training for was this last weekend & I watched it on T.V & was so envious of my friends who were there actually running it!! Next year though, next year.

The Rose Family said...

Congrats on all the running!! I've followed you since the TLOL days and am so proud of your accomplishments in running! I just did my first marathon and it was AWESOME!! I really hope you get into the St George. My hubby ran that one as his first marathon and he said it was great! We just ran the Nashville Country Music Marathon and it was also great! Let me know if you need/ want any advice from a first-timer. Keep up the good work.------Rach