Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I won the lottery!

I think I posted a few days ago about how my brother talked me into signing up to run the St George Marathon in October. It really didn't take much prodding, because it was a lottery and only about 50 percent of applicants actually get in. I figured there is no way I'd make it - and if I did, I decided that it must be my divine providence or something. But I really didn't think I'd make it (did I say that already?)

So, the results were posted this morning. My brother and I both got in. Whooo hoo. I went from being totally excited, because I never win anything, to being totally freaked out - I'm going to RUN A MARATHON! UGH.

I've got a lot of training to do.

Last week, I'd sat down and done a daily training schedule from now to Marathon. I'd loosely followed Hal Higdon's schedule, but ever since worried that it may just be a bit too ambitious. Its a lot more miles than I run now, and it picks up quickly. I'm worried about becoming injured. Also, the longest run on his schedule is for 20 miles. A marathon is 26.2 miles people. I really want to try and run the full mileage at least once in training.

Then, I followed a link posted in my new favorite place: the forum on Coolrunning.com. The link took me to a 3-day marathon training schedule on the Jeff Galloway website. I think his plan is much more doable. It has 2 easy days, and then Saturday is the kick-butt long run day. Not only do I feel less likely to become injured following this plan, it fits my busy schedule better. I think it would be difficult to find 5 days to run a week. I like sleeping too much. Of course the Galloway plan is merely intended to train a person to simply finish a marathon.

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Megan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Perhaps next year I'll come & run it with you! I have lots of runner friends & we were discussing marathon training & unless you are a die-hard marathoner you don't ever run over 20 miles before the race. After 20-miles your body starts burning muscle for energy, & I don't think you want your body using your muscle when you still have to run a marathon!! So that's my 2 cents on the subject.
Good luck with training, I can't wait to hear how it's going!! I think you should do a full body check, weight, measurements & pictures & keep a good journal so you can see how the training changes your body (for the better)and so we can all keep up on your progress!!

I am very envious & proud of you! I will have to live my dreams through you, because me & my knocked-up self have had to stay behind on our vigorous running & I won't be making any milestones, hopefully just maintaining.