Monday, December 04, 2006

Rotavirus (aka Roto-Rooter virus)

Last Monday went just about like any other Monday. I picked the girls up at daycare and they seemed just fine; however, on the way home, Gracelin puked everywhere. Now, since she pukes in the car quite frequently, I wasn't overly concerned. Especially since we got home and she eagerly ate her black beans and quesadilla from Cafe Rio. But, when she woke in the night and puked all over her bed, I knew she had a tummy virus. In the morning she seemed fine, other than the fact that she wasn't hungry (very abnormal for her) and she had diarrhea once. So, Bryn and I stayed home with her on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, she still had a fever, so daddy stayed with her. I went to work and took Bryn to daycare. Unfortunately, she didn't last there very long. They called to tell me she was throwing up. When I picked her up, she was happy and seemed ok, so I took her back to work to finish some reports. Bad idea - she puked all over me and my office. Yucky. So, home we went. Poor girl went from bad to worse. At one point, my sweet baby was puking and pooping at exactly the same time. She felt miserable, and spent most of Wednesday exploding from both ends. Daddy had basketball tickets, so I had my parents come over to help out. (bad idea for them - 48 hours after coming to our house, they both got sick)

I woke up in the middle of Wednesday night throwing up, and with a fever of 101. UGH. Not a good thing when I had a sick baby, and a very not-sick, bored from being home all week, 2 year old to take care of. I spent most of Thursday lying on the couch and/or running to the bathroom. Thanksfully, Bryn was feeling pretty much herself, other than some really rank diapers. She was very sleepy though, and took 3 long naps.

I felt so horrible - I don't think I'd felt that sick in years. And I lost 7 pounds in 24 hours. I was so achey that it hurt to be touched. And I was so cold. I just couldn't seem to get warm. It was only about 14 degrees outside, and I didn't realize that our heater wasn't working. I just thought I was cold from being sick. When Ben got home from work, he noticed that although the thermostat was set to 70, it was barely 60 in our house. He decided to take the kids to his parents house to get warm (bad idea for them, as they also got sick 48 hours after coming into contact with us) while I waited for the repairman.

Friday came, and we were all feeling somewhat better. There was only one yucky diaper to change, and no puke. Yay. Although it was a yucky virus, at least it was over quickly. I still don't have my appetite back yet (maybe because the memory of being so sick is still so fresh in my mind), but I'm not complianing. I am down a pants size. Maybe having the Rotavirus was just the kick-start my metabolism needed.

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Anonymous said...

I had the sickies here too, except without the fever. Chaylyn also had explosions from both ends, sometimes at the same time too.

Thankfully it's all over now, for both our families.