Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day #2 of no sugar, and other ramblings

Ok - I actually made it 24 hours with no sugar and I'm still going strong. I know that may not sound like anything special, but for me its a very significant achievement. I have a serious sugar addicition. I actually feel really good this morning. I ate well yesterday, but didn't exercise. I even had time around 8pm after the girls were in bed, but by then I was exhausted. I was in bed by 9:30, which was much needed.

I'm a bit worried about Gracelin. Yesterday was her first day off of the antibiotics after her UTI, and when she peed last night she said it was "spicy" again. Then this morning, it was a fight to get her to pee. I don't know how she holds it in - she wakes up dry and then won't pee in the morning. Excellent bladder control for a 2 year old. Anyway, I realized last night that I had never gotten the results from her urine culture. The day we originally went to the doctor (and she had such a difficult time leaving the sample) they did a quick "urine dip", which was positive and then a full culture that was supposed to take a few days. I totally spaced calling to get the results until last night. Although it was after 8pm, I called and someone was there. She looked up the results and said that there was staph in the culture. She then put me on hold to consult with the doctor as to what to do. When she got back on the phone, she told me that it was technically a negative culture because staph is naturally present in our bodies, and they couldn't prove it was an infection. She told me that maybe I need to change G's bath soap. WTF? That day I took her into the doctor with a fever of 104 and classic UTI symptoms. After 24 hours on the antibiotic she started feeling better. It kind of pissed me off a bit for her to tell me that it was caused by her soap.

I think I'm going to try and take her into her regular doctor in a couple of days. I do want to wait a bit and see if she can feel better on her own. I don't want to subject her to needless tests if I don't have to. But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit worried. She's always had problems with infections. Even from birth. One of the reasons she had to say in the NICU (other than being preterm of course) was that she had a mystery infection, and had to be on IV antibiotics. Then, she's had countless ear infections that only clear up with her tubes in, and her "grossly" infected adnoids. It just seems like she's been on antibiotics more than she's been off of them. It can't be good for her.

My MIL wants me to take her to the herbologist and get her on probiotics. I wish I could get her to eat yogurt, because that might just do the trick. I'm hesisitant to give her anything from that crazy herb guy. I went with my DH once, and he gave me the creeps. He's seriously PSYCHO. And I don't feel comfortable giving my kids stuff from him. I feel better taking her to the chiropractor first - that actually isn't such a bad idea.
Hmmmm . . . I'm just rambling now. Is it obvious how bored I am at work? I think I'm going to take an early lunch soon, to return something to Old Navy, check the sales there, and go look for a pair of new shoes. I love shoes. :)


floreksa said...

I've got a serious sugar addiction too. Not a good combo with T1 diabetes. LOL

I've given it up again, and its amazing the difference it makes. I actually SLEEP at night!

Kristina said...

How're you doing with the no sugar thing? I'm pulling for you- you CAN do this, I know you can.

I'm a little leery about herbology stuff too- see medicines are tested by doctors and the side-effects and whatnot are all know. The herbal stuff isn't as regulated and I'm just not willing to take that kind of risk with my baby.

I hope G feels better soon... TTYL