Monday, December 11, 2006

What my kids are up to

We had a fun weekend. I just love my girls. I haven't updated much about them lately. Here's what they're doing:

Bryn loves people lately, and will go to anyone. She even hugs my dad, and he's pretty big and scary to most kids. Speaking of, poor Bryn is sick again. SHe was up most of the night coughing, and when she finally fell asleep G woke up (I don't even drink cofee, but this is appropriate ) . I've even been giving her breathing treatments. She's the funniest kid - most kids cry throughout the treatments, but she loves it. In fact, she cried this morning when I turned the machine off. LOL She is always sick though. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I've actually been considering getting a nanny. They're pretty cheap here. I could get a young mother, that maybe has a child of her own, to come 4 days a week for around $1200. My SIL has a Mexican nanny that she only pays $1000 month for. She does light housework, laundry, and cooking too. And, she only speaks spanish to the kids. Her twins that are G's age are completely bilingual.

Bryn had a language explosion this weekend. She says "dad, dad, dad" whenever she sees Ben. She also loves the tree, and yesterday kept calling it a "tee" - with heavy ennunciation on the "t". Then, we went to my parents' house for dinner. I took her over to see the cat, and she called her "key". Whenever she wants food now, she says "MmmmmMmmmm" And, of couse she still calls G "DeeDee". If only I could get her to say mommy. Why is that one so difficult?

Bryn also loves to eat. A LOT! The mere sight of her highchair will elicit squeals of delight. She especially loves macaroni and cheese, although she has liked everthing I've fed her, except tomatoes. I thought I'd try, but no one in our family likes tomatoes, so I wasn't expecting much.

G is so smart, and I think she is starting to understand Christmas too. This morning we were singing "Here comes Santa Clause". She told me that she would have to pull the covers over her head so she won't see Santa when he comes. Then she told me that I'll have to help Bryn, because she can't pull the covers up herself. She said that Santa is bringing her all the Barbies and that Bryn is just getting some baby toys.

She really understands a lot lately. Last night in the car, we had the radio on. From the back, we realized she was singing along:

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, JUICY.

And then this morning, she asked:

G: Mommy, did that man just say "everything is going to be alright, rock-a-bye?"
Me: Yes Gracelin, he did
G: Why did he say that?
Me: He is telling a girl who is sad that it will all be ok
G: Why is she sad?
Me: I don't know. Maybe her friend hurt her feelings.
G: Was it her big boy friend? The one who is singing?

Last night we were at my parents house for dinner. After dinner, my mom told G that she had a suprise for her, and left to get it. While she was gone, G said to my sister:

G: Aunt Jen, do you know what the suprise is?
Jen: Yep!
G: Oh, can you tell me what is it?
Jen: Nope. If I tell you, then it wouldn't be a suprise anymore.
G: Oh. But you know?
Jen: Yep, I do know.
G: Oh, well then can you tell me what it is?

The conversation went on like that for a long time, until finally Grandma appeared with 2 new Christmas books and a special blanket for reading stories underneath.. She was in heaven! G and Grandma read Christmas stories for a long time beneath the Christmas tree.

Graceln loves Barbies so much too - its almost an addiction. She can take the clothes off, but needs help putting them back on. Her babies have elaborate escapades. The other day they went to Chilis and then went to the pumpkin patch. They also like to table dance to "I'm a Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Thats G's new favorite song. We're probably horrible parents for letting her play with barbies in the first place, and then for letting her listen to that terrible song.

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