Monday, December 04, 2006

The passing of the torch

One of the things I was most excited about when I found out G was a girl, was passing down all the things about growing up that I loved to my own little girl. Of all my toys growing up, my absolute favorite thing to play with were my Barbies. And I was oh-so anal about them as well. I kept them in their original boxes with all their original clothes and accessories. Their hair was taken care of, and they were loved. (and dare I admit this publicly . . .) I also still have a Barbie collection. I have about 2 dozen Barbies in my basement in boxes that have never even been opened. Most of them are Christie dolls, Barbie's African-American friend. I am so whitey-white, but my name is Christie. So, when I found a Christie, I would buy her. But of course, there are also regular Barbies down there, as well as some of her other friends.

When Gracelin came home from daycare a couple of weeks ago talking about the Barbies she played with there, I was excited to share mine with her. I'll admit that its difficult to watch her not brush their hair, and to constantly lose their accessories, but I'm letting her play her way. I even opened a brand-new one (Ok - she's really and old Barbie) to play with.

She's estatic. Gracelin has a very active imagination. Last night her Barbies went to Chili's for dinner. They had chips and salsa with Diet Coke to drink. One of them ordered a salad and the other had chicken nuggets. She loves to change their clothes and comb their hair. For a two-year old, she really takes care of them well. Last night she had to tuck them into bed (they've replaced Soft Dora in the doll-bed) before she herself could sleep.

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