Wednesday, December 20, 2006

10 months old

Bryn is 10 months old today. I can't believe she's almost a year old already. Time has definitely gone faster with her than it did with G. Here's a quick update of what she's doing:

She has strawberry blonde hair, blue green eyes, and an infectious smile. Bryn is almost walking - in fact, I'm quite surprised that she doesn't walk yet. Her new favorite toy is a walking toy - she uses is to move around the house wherever she wants to go. Its given her a newfound freedom that she loves. Bryn is so very coordinated and physical - we can already tell she’s athletic. She has mastered crawling and is into everything.

She is also babbling up a storm, and can even say a few words already - namely Dad (which is very clear) and DeeDee (for her sister Gracie). She has yet to say Mom, but we know that is only because she is saving the best for last. She also tries to repeat everything we say, and quite often she says something that sounds very close to being a real word. My favorite thing she says is "Hi Dad", which she does while waving. Its so cute, and she says it so clearly.

She has big, bright eyes, and is very aware of everything going on. My dad is amazed by how aware she seems. I'm pretty sure she understands everything that is going on around her.

Bryn is becoming quite finiky when it comes to food. I try and give her finger foods (because she's graduated pureed foods), but she prefers what is on my plate. She'll eye me while saying "MmmmmMmmmmMmmm" until I give her some. Then, she acts like a baby bird - grunting at me with her mouth open until I feed her what she wants. Just like her sister, she loves foods with taste - especially spicy Mexican foods. I worried at first that it would bother her stomach, but she seems just fine with it all. She still nurses quite a bit, and drinks bottles of EBM at work. Mommy is still pumping during the days, and she doens't need formula still.

She has been sleeping a little bit better, but she still has lots of night wakings. I think a big part of that may be that she seems to always be sick. Right now she's got a runny nose and barky cough, and I think she just wakes a lot from being sick. Hopefully she'll grow out of it soon, because mommy is dragging all of the time.

Bryn is such a blessing to our family. She loves to cuddle and hug, play with toys, read stories, take a bath, and EAT. If we could only get her to sleep through the night life would be good. But, she has a laid-back personality and is such a joy.

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Kristina said...

Awwww.. what a sweetheart! But, you know, it's hard to tell just how sweet she is without a picture... hint, hint :).

I hope she feels better soon and starts SLEEPING. Lochlan's been off the last week or so, maybe a growth spurt, maybe teething I don't know. He finally slept all night last night- but wow! I'm tired.

Merry Christmas!