Monday, December 06, 2004

My husband

I realized that I don't talk about Ben very often. Lately it seems we don't have much time for one another. It is completely unintiontional with all there is with caring for the baby, but I has taken a toll on our relationship. When I do mention him, it is usually a complaint about him, and I started to worry that anyone who reads my blog may get the wrong impression. I do love Ben - he is a wonderful husband and father.

We had such a fun weekend. Saturday was his work Christmas party. It was fun to get dressed up and to have an evening alone. (I love Gracelin, but sometimes it is nice to be out without her). We ate a nice dinner, and then had fun dancing - bumping and grinding (he promised me that no one gets fired because of behavior at the Christmas party). I could barely keep my hands off of him. After the party, we walked around downtown. It was cold and slightly snowy. The shops had Christmas displays up, and the trees had lights. We walked around holding hands, and even made-out in public like teenagers. I felt like I was in some ultra-cheesy made for TV Christmas movie. But, we had fun. It was like we rekindled our friendship again. I think we need that to get through the day-to-day stuff.

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