Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hello, my name is Christie and I'm a chocoholic

I posted earlier of my attempt to shed baby fat. Well, I have been failing miserably. In fact, I have gained weight! 6 pounds. So, I made some resolutions the other day on what I was going to do to help lose weight. They are as follows:

1) Eat no refined sugars
2) Minimum of 20 minutes of cardio per day
3) Minimum of 10 minutes of strenth training per day
4) Take brief, 5 minute walks throughout the day to keep up metabolism
5) Drink more water and less Diet Cherry Coke

So, here's how I've been doing:

1) Didn't eat any sugars until today. Today, I ate 2 chocolate donuts (does this equate to roughly the 600 calories needed for breast feeding?)
2) Have done the cardio ONCE in the past 5 days
3) Have done strength training twice in 5 days
4) Haven't taken any brief walks; however when I go to the store, I park way in the back of the lot and walk in
5) I'm just drinking regular Diet Coke today - I've at least eliminated the cherry flavoring.

My biggest vice is that I am totally addicted to chocolate, which is funny because I hated chocolate before I got pregnant. I think I could have resisited the donuts today had they been glazed. And why . . .WHY . . . couldn't I stop at just one? I haven't eaten 2 donuts in one day since I was a kid.

I have a serious addiction.

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