Thursday, December 16, 2004

The ironies in life

Yesterday I got a call from my daughter's day care provider. She was obviously upset on the phone. She told me that I needed to come immediately to pick Gracelin up, because she was about to have a nervous break-down. I left work to got and get my 7 month-old baby, who was already on her third day care provider. When I got there, Julie (the day care provider) told me that she was through - she wasn't going to baby sit any more.

For those of you who know me, you know that this is a huge blow. Day care is hard to come by where I live and work. I live in a smaller town, and work in the same town. There is only one commercial day care, and the waiting list is huge. I have been on it since I was pregnant with no luck. Obviously I was frantic wondering who was going to watch my baby, as I don't want to leave her with "just anyone" but at the same time have to go to work. I was beyond pissed with my provider, but more than that, I was terrified that I would't find anywhere for Gracelin to go.

Luckily, I was able to take her with me to work, and I began calling around. I did find a center with an opening, but it was 11 miles away - which is 44 extra miles per day to drive. I kept looking. In despiration, I called the center whose waiting list I'd been on for almost a year. They had a postition that just opened up. I raced over there and signed Gracelin up.

She'd been going to Julie's for almost 4 months, and for that entire time, the main road was closed because the state DOT has been installing a traffic signal, and I'd had to detour every day. I noticed that the road was open on my way home that night.

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