Friday, April 08, 2011


I think my husband may be right - I just may have some hoarding tendencies. But, why throw anything away when you can make a pretty pincushion with a scrap of paisley, small circle of felt, and some stuffing from an old pillow.

Or a pretty little flower hair clip from some scraps left over from a skirt.
I do throw out the stuff that I will honestly never use. I promise.


RS said...

In love with that hairclip. So pretty. I totally am with you on the hoarding bit. My grandmother loved sewing and crafts and she used to hoard scraps all the time.One fine day she would convert those scraps into the prettiest things. So way to go! Wish I had a bit of that sewing gene too. :(

flora_33 said...

I love the hair clip. These are the type of things I aspire to do but, alas, I am not that crafty! When my girls get a bit older (22 mo. and 3 1/2) I would love to try something like that. How did you make that?