Wednesday, April 13, 2011

20 minute refashion

I have a seemingly endless supply of cardigans. While I do like them - they are the staple of my wardrobe - they do get boring. Hence, another refashion.

This time, I started with an old pink cardy. This particular one was a hand-me-down from my mother. She grew tired of it, passed it along, and now I'm tired of it too. But, its still in good shape and a shame to get rid of.

So . . .

I started with the boxy/boring cardy. 20 minutes later, and a little shirring:

Tada! I nice, ruffled look.
I promise it fits better around the boob area - its just that I'm moving my arm really far out of the way to take my self-portrait.


Omgirl said...

Holy crap, you've been blogging like a mad woman while I've been wasting away on the couch. I've missed 20 posts from you!!! You should have told me you got back on the blogging horse so I wouldn't have missed all these!!!

p.s. Amazing cardican redo. I am seriously impressed!

Jen said...

Love it! You make me want to break out the sewing machine!

matthew said...

I love that idea! So cute!

carrie said...

oops....I didn't realize Matthew was signed in on this computer. He would be mortified by that comment, I'm sure. :o) Sorry!

Sarah M. said...

Just stopping by from "BlueSusan makes" What a great Idea to refresh an oldie! Supercute!!