Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One (wo)man's trash

A few weeks ago, my sister told me she'd cleaned out her closet, and had 4 bags for the thrift store. I asked if she minded if I went through them first, and of course she said "YES". Yipee. I love thrifting - and free thrifting is the best.

I ended up with some gems - in fact, I took about 25% of her stuff. My husband thinks I'm becoming a hoarder. . . no comment on that . . .

One of my favorites was this shirt. I could hardly believe she was throwing it out. I just love the ruffles, and the light fabric.It did have some very small holes down around the bottom of the shirt, but since it was quite long, I was able to fold up the hem and shirr around the bottom. It turned out super cute. I also cut off the ruffles around the arms, and stitched them down the front.

It was SO simple, and literally took me less than 30 minutes. I got TONS of compliments. Its so fun too - I love new things that cost me nothing.
The finished product (er. . . close-up of the ruffles down the front.)


Omgirl said...

Ok, seriously, have you always been this craft and I had NO idea???

Omgirl said...

That should read "crafty".a

Omgirl said...

And that shouldn't have an ".a" on it. Man, my typing skills SUCK today!