Saturday, April 16, 2011

Red Sox Game!

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Boston for my job. After the hotel was book, I pulled it up on google maps, and saw it was less than a mile from Fenway. Then, I pulled up the Red Sox schedule and saw they were playing the Yankees while I was there. And since it was my husbands birthday that same week, (and since he is a HUGE baseball fan) I knew the perfect gift: he joined me in Boston, and we went to a game.

I started looking for tickets online (since the game was already sold out), and found some FRONT ROW seats (granted they were outfield, but right in front of the Red Sox bull pen) that didn't cost an "arm and a leg". Maybe just an arm and part of a foot, but definitely not the whole leg. . .

We got there before the doors even opened, and we were among the last fans to leave. My husband was like a little kid - and I had fun too. ;)
But, every one of these pictures was taken FROM MY SEAT! We could talk to the pitching staff. We could see the whites of their eyes. It was worth it!
We also had many chances to see the cute rear-ends of all the players (what is it about men and baseball pants?)
This picture was taken by Paul and Maurine - the cute couple next to us. He was a die-hard Yankees fan, and she a Red Sox fan - and she told me its amazing they've been married for over 40 years with such a big strike against them. She also told me that she had prayed for two things that day: that it wouldn't rain and that the Red Sox would win. Her prayers were answered - gotta love faith like that.

The "monstah nah-choes" (does that sound like a Boston accent?) They sure were tasty. Of course we shared these.
The Green Monstah.
The catcher and a pitcher deep in conversation.

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